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Tulips – Adored Since The Sixteenth Century

April 28th, 2015

Tulips – the perfect flowers for Mom

What is more beautiful than flowers?

Any time of the year when we give a beautiful bouquet it provides such joy to the receiver. Of course on Mother’s Day giving flowers is the perfect demonstration of love and appreciation.

Tulips – So valuable in the C17th

Mother’s Day is in the spring time giving us the most wonderful choice of gorgeous flowers like tulips. Tulips have been in The Netherlands (Holland)since the sixteenth century and by the mid-seventeenth century they became so valuable the bulbs were used as money.

Each year during April and May, the tulip festival is held in Noordoostpolder, Holland. You can wander around millions of tulips. It is an incredible sight.

Order your flowers here and enjoy seeing Mom smile this week-end.

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