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Songs & Music for Mothers Day

Are you looking for background music? Compiling Mom’s favorite songs as a gift? Performing a song you recently composed for her?

Whether you’re singing, composing, or just playing DJ, the songs on Mother’s Day are an important part of the celebration that can set an evocative, meaningful, festive, relaxing or just plain fun mood.

Background Music

A family-centered Mother’s Day merits background songs that set a cheery, relaxed mood for the holiday. While it’s important to keep Mom’s likes in mind, don’t bend entirely to her will this time; if Mom’s all-time favorite music happens to be Gregorian chants, you may just run the risk of killing the party.

Create a Compilation CD for Mom

But when compiling a mix of songs to give to Mom, you can stop trying to please the crowd. Consider weaving together the verse to convey a particular message or storyline. Or choose a theme; it could be as simple as “Mother,” or as involved as “how you’ve helped me become who I am today.” Whatever you choose, the words of other musicians can be a powerful form of poetry itself.

In addition, music can be used to chronicle Mom’s mini-legacy of Motherhood. Perhaps create a timeline of the “best songs that have come out while you’ve been my Mother.” Or choose each year’s top song for every year that your wife has been a Mom. To find all these songs, do an online search for “best song in 1998” or “top 10 in 2003.” Hint: if you can narrow the search down by specific artists or musical genres, then you are likely to get better results.

When your compilation is complete, give Mom a copy whether it comes as a CD or MP3 or other recordable medium. Specialize it even more with a hand-made CD case. Make it more special by decorating the case with a unique design or photo and a track list. This adds an elegant, personal touch to the gift.

Compose Your Own Song or Music

Consider your own musical composition for Mom. Try these tips:

No, songwriting is not for everyone, but if you’ve got the slightest inclination try one of these resources:

Perform a Musical Piece for Mom

Wrote it yourself or using someone else’s work? Make Mom proud when you perform a specially prepared song or piece of music. The best time to sing or play a Mother’s Day song may be during the morning hours, right after breakfast. If the family is coming you may want to do it after an evening meal when everyone is likely to be gathered together, relaxing.

Shy? Perform just for your Mom at some quiet moment alone. Regardless, make sure you have a recording of your performance to give to Mom for all time. And if you can’t be with her for Mother’s Day, send a CD or your lyrics.






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