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The 2007 Mother’s Day Central Top 100 Mom Blogs Awards

April 5th, 2007
Top Moms. .

We Think Mom Bloggers Deserve a Little Recognition!

Hey we all know that moms work hard.  But mom bloggers work hard, and run blogs.  We think that deserves a little extra recognition.  After all, mom bloggers are also helping other moms.

So, we took a shot at putting together a  list of Top 100  Mom Blogs. These women, and communities of women, have in our view displayed particular excellence in areas including:

  • Originality
  • Passion
  • Humor
  • Personality
  • Creativity

We understand that your favorite blog may not be mentioned in this list. We had a difficult time narrowing the contestants down, because there are so many qualified mothers who blog. Please email us any notable blogs you feel should have been included.

One thing was clear when reviewing all of the great mom blogs out there.  Just being a mom brings plenty of ammo for discussion, community, and endless entertainment!  So without further ado, here is our first list of Top 100 Mom Blogs:

Adoption and Family Life

Get a feel of the adoption process by reading what others have experienced. Read the posts on family life where you may identify, laugh, cry, and comment. (Numbers are for ordering, not an indication of rank)

  1. We Found Baby S. in China!
  2. LadyBug Journals
  3. MamaKBear’s World
  4. Overwhelmed With Joy!

Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies


Look what other moms are doing to enjoy their spare time. Techniques are often revealed, along with upcoming projects by the authors.

  1. Design Mom
  2. ArtsyMama
  3. Exercise Before Knitting
  4. Poet Mom
  5. MollyChicken
  6. Plays With Fire


This controversial topic has spawned a few blogs to keep you informed of current issues related to breastfeeding.

  1. My Baby and More
  2. Mama Knows Breast
  3. The Lactivist


Entertainment and Celebrity

From one of Angelina Jolie’s new children, to the next celeb in rehab;

these blogs follow who’s in the spotlight along with witty commentary.

  1. Mamarazzi
  2. MamaPop!

Fashion and Style

Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you can’t be hip! See the latest products and trends for babies and kids.

  1. Modish Mom
  2. Stylish Moms

Food and Cooking

Tired of making the same spaghetti and meatballs? Head over to one of these blogs for new recipes to treat your family and friends.

  1. Lisa’s Cookbook
  2. Mommy Cooks

Health Conditions

We all know someone with a health condition that needs special attention. These blogs catalog the good and bad times of living with certain ailments.

  1. Austismland
  2. Spina Bifida Moms

Home Schooling


As discontent with the quality of public school education grows, so will home schooling.

Many mothers blog about their schedules, lesson plans, and other helpful home school information.

  1. PHAT Mommy
  2. Mother Crone’s Homeschool
  3. SpunkyHomeSchool
  4. Sprittibee
  5. Especially Heather


Need a laugh? Some mothers use humor as a break from their day to day routine. Read along and join others in a laugh today. It’s good for you!

  1. Dooce
  2. White Trash Mom
  3. Miss Cellania
  4. Mommy Off the Record

GLBT Parenting

Get an insider’s perspective! Read how some non-traditional households are getting along in today’s cultural environment.

  1. Mombian
  2. The Other Mother
  3. The Adventures of Saia & Chago

Portal and Community Blogs

Connect with other moms who have the same interests as you. These blogs are great resources to begin your search.

  1. 5 Minutes for Mom
  2. Blogher
  3. Mommy Bloggers
  4. Crazy Hip Blog Mamas

Sex and Relationships

Having a child certainly changes sex and relationships; sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. Get advice, opinions, and experiences from these 3 women:

  1. Divorce Diva
  2. Crank Mama
  3. Kat Wilder


Save money, find a new cool toy, read reviews, or get something for yourself. Who doesn’t like shopping?

  1. Cool Mom Picks
  2. Savvy Chick
  3. Tonic Gifts
  4. Want Not
  5. Baby Talkers
  6. Mom Gadget

Single Moms

Many families today are single parent households. Here are two women who share their thoughts, activities, and experiences of life as a single mom.

  1. Blogging in the Bathtub
  2. Paging Polly Prissypants

Spiritual and Religious

These moms have dedicated part of their lives to a higher power and have used blogging to spread their message.

  1. Mommy Life
  2. Holy Mama!
  3. Donna Shepherd

Work at Home Moms – WAHM

Would you like to make money and be around your children at the same time? Read how some mothers are managing, or get help on how you can become a WAHM.

  1. eMoms at Home
  2. Kristie T
  3. 1SmartMom
  4. Christian Work at Home Moms
  5. Angela
  6. Contest for Moms Blog

Other Winners

Most moms who have a blog use it as an outlet for anything they want to write about. As such, we couldn’t categorize the great writing of some women and we listed them here. You will find many of the most original, interesting, and entertaining blogs in this group.

  1. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
  2. Mrs. Flinger
  3. IzzyMom
  4. Mama’s So Called Life
  5. Plain Jane Mom
  6. Oh, The Joys
  7. Melanie in Orygun
  8. Her Bad Mother
  9. The Chaotic Home
  10. A Mommy with an Attitude
  11. Thinking About…
  12. one plus two
  13. Mamatulip
  14. Mothergoosemouse
  15. Motherhood Uncensored
  16. State of Grace
  17. Notes from the Trenches
  18. Suburban Turmoil
  19. Wonder Mom
  20. Mommy Needs Coffee
  21. Paper Napkin
  22. Mom Writes
  23. Mom 2 Mom Connection
  24. This Full House
  25. Mamacita
  26. Touched by an Angel
  27. A Mama’s Rant
  28. Crazed Parent
  29. Mommy Writer Blog
  30. Sugared Harpy
  31. The I’mPerfect Mom
  32. Kvetch Blog
  33. Mom 101
  34. Rockstar Mommy
  35. Home Sweet Home
  36. My Tiny Kingdom
  37. The Mummy Chronicles
  38. Little Woolgatherings
  39. Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck
  40. An Island Life
  41. Chicky Chicky Baby
  42. Slacker Moms-R-Us
  43. Under the Mad Hat

Any of the award winners may place this award graphic anywhere on their blog. Cut and paste the following code.

Top 100 Mom Blog.

For the flower graphic, use the code above.

Top 100 Mom Blog.

For the transparent graphic, use the code above.

Congratulations to the winners! Keep up the great blogging!

101 Responses

    The Top 100 Mom Blog Award Winners Have Been Announced! ~ Blog ~ Says:

    […] Go to the award page now! […]

    Sprittibee Says:

    Thank you for the award. That is nice of you. :)

    Michelle Says:

    Wow – it’s great to see I made the list. Looks like I have some blog reading to catch up on now. :-)

    Karen Says:

    Wow! I’m SO honored!

    Miss Cellania Says:

    Oh wow, this is so cool! Thank you very much for including me, and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

    jen Says:

    wow. thank you.

    An Island Life » Blog Archive » Mother’s Day Central Says:

    […] That’s right, I have another cool button to add to my awards page. I’m on the list of the Top 100 Mom Blogs! […]

    Marcia Chamberlain Says:

    What a wonderful resource. I’m having so much fun exploring the world of mommy blogs. I may have to start one of my own. Copycat Mom, anyone?

    Heather Ivester Says:

    Thanks so much! I’m honored to be included on your list — especially since I see so many of my favorite bloggers here. Looks like we mom bloggers are having a party! :)

    January Says:

    Wow! How cool is this? Thank you for including me in your list. I am honored.

    Looking forward to visiting your blogs.

    Mama Duck Says:

    Great blogs indeed! Congrats to all the people who made the list!

    Mrs. Chicky Says:

    I’m honored to be included on this list with so many great bloggers. Thank you!

    MommyLife Says:

    Thanks so much for this honor!

    Overwhelmed With Joy! Says:

    Wow! What an unexpected honor! Thank you so much for including me in the adoption category.

    Mrs. Flinger Says:

    Ahh, thank you!! It’s so neat to see so many blogs that I read (and love) here as well. Looks like I have a few more to check out as well!

    Colleen Newman, author of Near Mama's Heart Says:

    Thanks for the award! Congrats to all the Mama’s out there who won this award! Happy Mother’s Day!

    Mary Tsao Says:

    Thanks for including me! It’s an honor to be in the company of these great writers.

    Dana Says:

    Thank you for the award. I’m honored to be in such great company, and to see such a diversity of blogs and moms here.

    Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms » Blog Archive » Mombian Is a Top 100 Mom Blog Says:

    […] has been named a “Top 100 Mom Blog” by Mother’s Day Central. Many thanks to them for the award, which came as a surprise to […]

    PunditMom Says:

    All great winners and so many women that I read regularly.

    But how about a category for us political mombloggers?

    BabyTalkers Says:

    Thanks for the award! I appreciate it. :)

    TripleTchorz Says:

    Looks like I have some work to do to get on this list. Great job!!

    TripleTchorz Says:

    How about a multiples category?

    whitetrashmom Says:

    Thank you so much for the honor of being on this list. We thank you from the bottom of our trashy little hearts.

    noran Says:

    Thanks for the posting–found many coolth links, and have bookmarked you for my daily parent reading. being a new mother at 45–I need all the help I can get. Congrats on making the list! :)

    Kathy Says:

    Thanks so much for this honor! How exciting!!!

    kareanderson Says:

    We are so happy that you gave an award to our own wry, local blogger, Kat Wilder (#40)
    even though only her closest friends will know “she” got it. And the award led me to your bountiful and fun site.

    For those afflicted with “Mommy Guilt” (as The Today Show dubbed it) for not spending enough time with their children, consider trying another local find – a “do good” social enterprise, that is an online job referral network. YOu can fine and contact reputable household help fast.

    Again kudos for shinign a spotlight on so many treasures.

    Mad Hatter Says:

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    Robin Says:

    I am thrilled to see The Other Mother on your list. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence!

    MamaKBear Says:

    WOW! My very first blog award! I’m honored to have a place on this awesome list, and so excited! I didn’t even know I’d been nominated!

    Thank you so much…you’ve made my day! :)

    Velma Says:

    I started seeing this button on some of my favorite blogs and came over to check it out. Now I have even more blogs to love!

    Liz Says:

    Holy crow – taking a break from post-holiday laundry – you can’t imagine my surprise to see my name in such good company! Good thing I’m sitting down and…um…not wearing a webcam! Thank you, very kindly.

    This Full House » If I woke up tomorrow with my head fused to the laptop, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now. Says:

    […] kind and very generous people over at Mother’s Day Central put together their firstlist of Top 100 Mom Blogs and – all you’d have to do is take a good look around, here- imagine my surprise to find […]

    crazedparent Says:

    wow! thanks so much for the kudos! very kind of you.

    Melanie Says:

    I am astounded. I am so THRILLED to be on this list – thanks so very much!!!

    Selfmademom Says:

    What a great, comprehensive list of mom blogs! I read a lot of these blogs and am happy for my friends on the list! Anyone over there at Mother’s Day Central consider a WOHM (work outside the home mom) blog category? I see a WAHM category… just a thought for the future?

    Elizabeth Says:

    Wow! Thank you for including me in your Top 100.I am in good company-the other blogs are exceptional.Makes mine look worse than it really is! LOL

    The Wooden Porch Says:

    What a fun list! I look forward to reading through some of these!

    LadyBug Journals Says:

    Wow, thanks for the award.

    Andrea ( Mom to 2 Great Kids !)

    Strollerderby : Top 100 Mom Blog Awards Announced Says:

    […] GLBT parenting, food, fashion, and religion.  This week, Mother’s Day Central awarded the Top 100 Mom Blogs Awards, honoring the best mommy blogs (based on excellence in areas including originality, passion, humor, […]

    jennster Says:

    you forgot mom who cusses the most on her blog: jennster

    Angie Says:

    Wow.. . . great. No working outside the home blogs. I vote for Manic Mommies! I find it crazy that there is no work outside the home blog awards.

    Top 100 Mom Blogger'! « Home Sweet Home Says:

    […] A big thank you to the staff of They have notified me that I was chosen as one of the ‘Top 100 Mom Bloggers’. […]

    Suburban Oblivion » It’s Like the Golden Globes, Without the Cool Swag Bags Says:

    […] here in Blogland. Every time we turn around someone got nominated for some cool award or another- Top 100 Mom Blogs, the Bloggers Choice Awards, the Best of Blogs awards, they are […]

    Tracy Says:

    Congrats to the winners!
    Another 2 blogs not added to the list that should be there are – Rocky, a mom that is making a difference & – Judith, you WILL laugh!
    Check them out!

    julie Says:

    Wow! This was a nice surprise. Thanks!

    Mom 2 Mom Connection ? Blog Archive » Faith, Writing, and Tater Tots Says:

    […] also like to thank the nice folks at Mother’s Day Central who included me in their list of Top 100 Mom Blogs (#80!). I don’t know how scientific these […]

    The Top Ten Hottest Moms in Search Engine Marketing - eMoms at Home - Blogging and Internet Marketing for Home Based Entrepreneurs Says:

    […] more superstar Moms, check out the Top 100 Mom Blogs! Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

    Donna J. Shepherd Says:

    Thanks for the award. Nice surprise! – Donna

    J Says:

    I didn’t even know about this! How awesome. :) Thanks for the honor, and I’ll be checking out the other honorees!

    Shane Says:

    Just wanted to give you my blog address in hopes that you’ll take a look and consider it for you next Top 100 list. It is an ADHD and LD blog. Thanks!

    Kat Wilder Says:

    Thank you for awarding me (although, truth be told, I am NO June Cleaver!).

    But I think many divorced fortysomething moms with teens will relate to at least some of what I write.

    And, because of this award, I’ve been turned onto some really great blogs that will now be part of my daily reading requirement.

    Happy Mom’s Day, one and all!

    Thinking About… » Get Outta Town and Don’t Come Back Until You Have $5!* Says:

    […] kiss her if only she didn’t live so far away, but now, on top of that, Gina told me I won a Top 100 Mom Blog Award, something I didn’t even know existed! Color me thrilled! I’m all atwitter! Pardon me, […]

    Sugared Harpy » Weird! Says:

    […] Check it out! […]

    Stylish Moms Says:

    Wow – what a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for awarding me my first blog award!! :)

    lyn Says:

    Wow, thank you so much !
    : )

    Angela Says:

    I couldn’t remember if I had thanked you are not for the award. Thanks so much. Let me know how we might continue to pass out these awards for deserving folks!! :)

    Kelly Says:

    It is totally bold to nominate yourself? I guess it would be under humor/spiritual. I know you don’t have combined categories. I would love to be checked out. there are some great blogs you have listed!

    Bethany Says:

    Holy crap!

    Anne-Marie Says:

    I had no idea I was even nominated. Thanks for putting me in the top 100 even though I’ve been slacking off on my blog lately. Now I’m off to put the cool badge on my blog.

    Cheezmizan with Chuva » Archive » In honor of Mother’s Day on May 13th - A Big Shout Out to TOP 100 Says:

    […] Source moms do blog mothers mothers day top 100 mom blogs […]

    Amy Says:

    Wow! Thanks so much! I am truly honored to be included amongst such awesome and talented women! You made my day.

    Kalai Vani Says:

    Do consider my blog too……Nice to have a long list of interesting blogs to read…

    Zabrina Says:

    Thanks for sharing these links!

    Mommy off the Record Says:

    Thank you for this award. I am honored!

    The Ultimate Guide to Where the Moms Are Online Says:

    […] Popularity plays. Have you seen TopMomma or The Top 100 Mom Blogs? These are a great source of new reads and a fun way to reward your favorite […]

    oil painting portraits Says:

    Do you also have mothers who are kind of loner or aloof? How about moms who love gossips? What about moms who are addicted to shopping be it window shopping or the real shopping?

    My mom cooks the best paella in the whole world. She is also my personal hairdresser. What do you think is the best award for her?

    Alexandra Says:

    I know I’m a little late, but thank you! I’m going to put this award on my site right now!!! :)

    I'm a top 100 Mom : Domestic Divapalooza Says:

    […] on Mother’s Day Central I was listed as #56 pointing to my old blog “Angela’s WAHM Blog” – I noticed that […]

    Christina Says:

    You did not include an amazing blog

    Courtney Foster Says:

    wow i am so glad that i found this site, all the blogs are so cool. as a new blogger i am so inspired

    petite mommy Says:

    Thanks for awarding the contest for moms blog (AKA Petite Mommy). Most of our work at home information is at

    Again thanks so much! I’m thrilled! :)

    Boni Says:

    Hi! I’m a mommy of four in the Northern Marianas (Saipan)! I’ve been blogging since January, about everything from the life of a working mommy principal to watching my daughter eat her booger for the first time! How do I get on your list?

    Mommyzing Says:

    Congrats to all the top 100 mom blogs! Definitely deserving….check out my new blog

    bmg_mom Says:

    What a terrific award – and a convenient way for me to discover so many great blogs. Congrats to all the recipients!

    Do You Have a Seasonal Search Engine Optimization Strategy? - eMoms at Home - The Internet Home Business Blog for Moms & Dads Says:

    […] blog or site targeted at a holiday or season MothersDayCentral pulled this off SO well – and their brilliant linkbait post sealed the deal to put them on top of Google’s Mother’s Day […]

    Kysha Says:

    Thank you for creating such an informative link site!

    Alicia Says:

    Thanks for all the links. Wish I’d been blogging about motherhood sooner :)

    Laurie Says:

    This is such a wonderful award. Way to recognize such amazing women and mothers! I’m really enjoying all the sites.

    vienonnajessy Says:

    You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

    Robin Delancy Says:

    I really enjoy the blogs that you chose for 2007 and hope that you will consider a new one that I have been really loving. It’s pretty new so you may not have heard of it yet but it’s definitely one of my faves. I’m member Robin D.

    Linda Says:

    Great job, all! Just started blogging this year . . . what a wonderful group! Stop in anytime, won’t you please? ;-)

    Domestic Diva Says:

    I would like to be considered in the next group of mom blogs choosen.

    Lyn Says:

    Thank you so much !
    I’ve only just discovered you, I am very flattered.
    : )

    Boomerang » Blog Archive » Ultimate Blog Lists Says:

    […] Top 100 Mommy Blogs Mothers Day Central […]

    10 Best Mom Bloggers | Blogging and blogging Says:

    […] Top 100 Mom Blogs Awards – Mothers Day Central knows mom bloggers work hard, and run blogs, all the while also helping other moms. They shared the extra recognition in 2007, but still useful. […]

    sryan Says:

    You should really have a listing of the best mom books. Hands down, “The Book of Mom” by Taylor Wilshire would win! It is a hilarious, summer-like read that you will not be able to put dowm. It’s about an overwhelmed mom that gets help with a bunch of Oprah-like tips on living a more authentic life.

    Debbie Says:

    Love all the links, can’t wait to check them out. Do you mind if I add to the list of nominations for next year? We’re all in this together….. Thanks!

    Inventing Matilda Says:

    How wonderful to see all of your blogging champions. The neat thing about blogs is that now communication and creativity are not limited to the pages of formal magazines. The internet has created a niche community of amazing writers and compilers. Watch out Magazines, now you have more competition than just other magazines on the rack.
    -Inventing Matilda

    Thank God For Mommy Says:

    Wow. This is great! When will the next one be for 2008? I would like to enter my blog.


    Trisha Says:

    We would love our blog, to be considered! We have about 35K visitors a month and focus on helping the mom blogger herself! All while trying to get our own blog off the ground.


    Jennifer Says:

    I, like many of you, am a busy, working mom and wife to a hardworking, hungry husband. It is my desire to be able to do EVERYTHING and still be able to put a healthy, delicious meal on the table for dinner. Getting dinner on the table is a difficult task when we are managing the daily lives of our families as well as ourselves. That is why I created this blog. Consider it a tool to help you get organized, so that making dinner is not as impossible as it might seem. Each week I will give you four recipes, that take approx. 20 minutes to prepare. I will also include a shopping list and a list of items that you may already have in your pantry or fridge. Some meals are large enough that you can have 1 or 2 “left-over nights” per week. Give yourself a much needed break and order out one night, or go out for dinner! All meals are generally for 4-6 servings, and the shopping list reflects this. So, change the amounts accordingly. Also, remember to check recipes for known food allergies and substitute or omit ingredients as needed. Most of all, take the time to enjoy dinnertime with your loved ones!

    Ann Says:

    I just started blogging ( and love having this media as an outlet to other writing I do professionally. Your top 100 listing really showcases all of the great mommy blogs that are out there. Thank you! I can’t wait to see the list for 2009.

    rachel Says:

    Nice blogs but what about mine? Mountain Mom Report is good too! There are some other location-interesting blogs too. That would have been a good category. I love to see how motherhood intersects with the location they live. I am always trying to find a good blog about what it’s like to be a mom in Hawaii, for example. I’ve found some in Paris.

    Kim Says:

    I just started my own blog and I need some helpful advice. My page looks so boring. How can I spruce it up and maybe be a Top Mommyblogger myself someday?

    Lia S. Says:

    What about a category for green or crunchy moms? Sort of the attachment parenting/natural family living set?

    Thanks for the great list!

    Tara Says:

    What a great site! I completely agree with the recognition needed :) Can’t wait to take a look at them all. Until then…congrats to all the winners!!

    The Mommyologist Says:

    So…how do I make the top 100 list for 2010?

    ashley @ Little Miss Momma Says:

    Love this entire list–thank you for sharing these incredible blogs. Now I am off to find some new favorites from your list ;)

    btw: i hope to be on this list one day–how do I make that happen *wink*

    Alejandra Awad Says:

    Thank you so much for liking For Moms with Love!

    fre wp themes Says:

    I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject. So much so that you made me want to learn more about it.


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