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Last Minute Plant Ideas in Time for Mother’s Day

May 8th, 2015

Yes there is still time to give Mom a long lasting gift of a plant that she can enjoy indoors or on the patio or porch.


These exotic plants feel so special – and this particular arrangement combines white, lavender and miniature green orchids into one potted planter. The river rocks finish off the arrangement to provide Mom a Zen experience! There is still time to receive this beautiful arrangement directly here.


Speaking of Zen, succulents are easy to care for and long lasting (and don’t need a lot of water for our Californian friends).

This arrangement is in a bamboo container, with river rocks and a tall bamboo to accentuate the exotic nature of these plants.

Order in time for Mother’s Day And she will enjoy for years to come.


So lovely, bold and colorful. This hydrangea arrives in a charming white planter.

This beautiful blue (or pink) plant will lighten up any corner in a room.

You can order for Mom directly here and enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous flowers for a very long time.


How can you go wrong with Azaleas, they brighten any home.

Mom will love receiving these long lasting flowers. To order her sweet Azaleas click here to go directly to the order page.

There are many gorgeous plants that will remind her of you and bring back fond memories of her special day.

Click here to find more long lasting plants.


Share Your Favorites

Do you have a favorite plant to give to loved ones? Please share it below.

Plants are Memorable and Long Lasting

May 5th, 2015

Plants make an excellent gift for Mother’s Day. With a little care Mom can enjoy her plant for years and years. You can give her an exotic Bonsai Tree or a gorgeous, luscious plant.

A Living Organism

Plants have been around for millions of years. In fact, if plants had never evolved we would not be able to breathe, so you could say that giving Mom a plant is giving her the most important living organism on earth!

Only the green parts of the plant help us breathe because they contain chlorophyll. The process is called photosynthesis and basically when carbon dioxide, water and sunlight work together they form sugars and oxygen which then are let out into the air.

The oxygen is also stored in the leaves and eaten by animals and humans.

Plants Have So Many Attributes

Plants have been used as medicines for thousands of years and helped us understand gravity when Isaac Newton saw an apple fall in 1665.

So when you admire the beautiful plant you give Mom, remember that the plant’s leaves are actually busily working away producing oxygen. You can order her plant here and receive a discount too.


Millions of Years of History: the Lily is a Classic

May 4th, 2015

Lilies, like so many other flowers we have featured on our blog are steeped in history and mythology.

The Lily: Jealousy, Chastity and Purity:

Fossils have been traced from millions of years ago back to prehistoric times. They are also found in Greek and Roman Mythology; according to the Romans, Venus – the goddess of love and beauty was jealous of the lily’s beauty. The Minoan civilization considered the lily sacred.

The lily is mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments and became the symbol of purity and chastity in Christianity.

Known for Their Extraordinary Scent:

The lily has been depicted in art, music, books and tapestries from the 1600’s as an expression of feelings, rituals and beautifying the area. In the Victorian-era the flower was an important accent to one’s appearance and the scent was used to perfume a handkerchief.

Magical Qualities?

There are over 270,000 species of lilies grown in Asia, Europe and North America. Many British explorers searched Asia for new species both for medicinal purposes but also for their beauty. They are loved for the gorgeous large flowers and strong scent. But they were also thought to have magical qualities, used for treating fevers, wounds and other illnesses back in the Elizabethan-era in England.

A Most Perfumed Bouquet

If you want to give Mom a beautiful bouquet with an incredible scent order her flowers today and remember that they date back millions of years, even before Venus! You can view many bouquets of lilies here.


Carnation – The Official Flower of Mother’s Day

May 3rd, 2015

Did you know that carnations bloom in almost every color of the rainbow except blue?

It’s Official

The scarlet carnation is the official state flower of Ohio, the national flower of Spain, and – it is the official flower of Mother’s Day! Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s Day (1914) and chose the carnation because it was the favorite flower of her mother.

Pink Carnations Connote Gratitude

There are over 300 species and they been cultivated for over 2,000 years, but their history goes back even further. Different colors of carnations connote different emotions: for example dark red carnations are associated with love, white carnations with purity, pink carnations with gratitude.

Edible and Drinkable

Not only are carnations edible, but their petals are used to make Chartreuse. So as a creative idea this Mother’s day you can put the petals into ice cubes and serve very pretty drinks. Because they are edible they are used for decorations in salads and cakes.

Carnations, Chartreuse and a Kiss

Why not pull this all together and give Mom beautiful carnations (remember pink connotes gratitude, red, love); a bottle of Chartreuse and a loving kiss. Be sure to explain the history of the regal carnation. We are sure she will be impressed.

And right now all flowers are 50% off– there is still time to order your gorgeous bouquet of carnations for Mom.

Aphrodisiacs, Sex, Medicine, Vanilla – The Orchid has Unique Qualities

May 2nd, 2015

Orchids have always seemed exotic and have been the object of intrigue for centuries. They were thought to have magical cures, even cures for sexual problems due to their similarity in appearance to a certain part of the human anatomy.

Aphrodisiac Qualities

The Ancient Greeks believed that the orchid roots had aphrodisiac qualities and would cure reproductive problems. In 1640 a Botanist wrote that if “a man ate a large orchid tuber, he would begat many children”.

Medicine and Flavoring

The Ancient Chinese and Japanese used orchids as medicine which you can see in some of the earliest paintings and vases. And in India they made a drink out of orchid roots. In fact Vanilla is derived from the seed pods of orchids.

The Royal Family of Plants

Orchids are known as “The Royal Family of Plants” and can now be successfully cultivated at home. If you think your Mom would like an orchid (and who wouldn’t) she can maintain the orchid and be rewarded by her efforts.

Over 35,000 Species for Millions of Years

Orchids have been in existence for millions of years; there are over 35,000 different species of orchid around the world, except in Antarctica, and over 300,000 hybrids registered.

An Expert in Pollination

Orchids specialize in pollination – They mimic other species to attract pollination such as bees and butterflies. They also have scent they exude at night and the illusion of moisture that lures insects in to assist in pollination.

Insects, hummingbirds, small mammals, bats and the wind all contribute to orchid’s reproductive success.

Order Mom an orchid today and tell her a little bit of the history.

Iris: The Rainbow And Messenger of the Gods

May 1st, 2015

Iris is named after the Greek messenger of the gods. She had golden wings and travelled on a rainbow – Iris means rainbow in Greek.

Irises – years old

Like so many gorgeous flowers, Irises harken back thousands of years ago, first documented in Egypt and Syria where irises grew in abundance. King Thutmose III of Egypt loved irises so much he had them immortalized in sculptures and temples.

Arrival of Irises in America

The earliest documentation of irises in America dates back to the 1600’s when the early settlers journeyed from Europe. But it is thought that irises arrived in the new world as early as 1492 with Columbus. To this day, the fleur-de-lis (a stylized lily or iris) is the emblem of New Orleans and the iris is the official State Cultivate Flower of Tennessee.

Today, North America enjoys three groups of irises: the Pacific Coast Irises, the Louisiana Irises and the Blue Flag Irises.

Flower Arrangements and Perfume

Irises are especially popular in Japanese flower arrangements and they are also the source of orrisroot from which violet perfume is made.


Irises are adored the world over, in Japan, Egypt, France, Italy, Spain, Holland and other European countries. In 1376 King Charles V of France, applied three fleur-de-lis to his coat of arms, and the iris is still the fleur-de-lis of the French royalist standard. In the 19th century the iris became the emblem of Florence, Italy.

As you think about your flower choice, why not order irises and ask the kids to paint rainbows or do some chalk art, and you can let Mom know how rainbows, Greek Goddesses and Irises are all connected. Order your irises here and not only enjoy the beauty and history of the iris but receive 50% off your order.


Lilacs – Such Sweet Fragrance and Medicinal Too

April 30th, 2015

The name Lilac comes from Western Europe meaning “purple”. They are in abundance in Iran and Turkey and are called the “Fox Tail”. Lilacs are part of the olive family.

Lilacs Come From The Balkans

Lilacs can be traced back to Europe, to the Balkan countries and were greatly admired for their beauty and incredible fragrance.

Their presence in Turkey started, most likely, with shepherds carrying the plants back to their homelands, including Istanbul, from more northern parts of Europe. In the 1500’s lilacs were considered a plant worthy of being presented in court in Austria and in Paris. As a result, they became very popular throughout Europe.

A Plant for the Who’s Who

When they first arrived in Western Europe, lilacs were rare. Only important people had them in their gardens. For a time, the posh and well-connected boasted of the lilac variants that grew in their gardens.

Lilacs became a popular garden plant among the colonists in America. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson loved the plant and grew it in their estates. Jefferson even wrote about his personal method of growing lilacs in his garden book. Artists and poets loved the plant and used its imagery in their works.

An Early Bloomer

Lilacs aren’t just popular because they smell nice. They also bloom before most other summer flowers. While the rose is still budding, the lilac is in full show. They typically grow as large shrubs or small trees.

A Medicinal Marvel

Lilacs have been used in many medicinal applications since they were first cultivated. They were also used to help people remove intestinal worms and recover from malaria. Some studies revealed that it might have anti-fever properties. The flowers are edible, too, though a tad bitter.

More Than Just Purple

White lilacs in a metal flower bucket.

Although the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is synonymous with a shade of purple, it also comes in a broad array of colors. Some lilacs are pale, ranging from mauve to white.

Blue and purple lilacs with butterflies.

Others come in a bright light blue to a rich magenta. Each color has taken on a new meaning. Blue lilacs symbolize happiness. White lilacs mean purity. The shade associated with the flower itself symbolizes a first love.

Lilacs with Pink Roses.

Shower Her with Flowers

A bouquet of fragrant lilacs is the perfect gift for the who’s who of your life. Don’t wait until a special occasion. Remind your mother that she was your first love by ordering a lovely arrangement of lilacs today.


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