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151 Great Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Whether you child is eager to help on Mother's Day, or sitting around feeling bored, why not put those little hands to work!

We've pulled together 151 great Mothers Day crafts projects for kids to make, organized by type of project - everything from flowers and cards to gifts for your home!

And the ideas here aren't limited to fun in the home. These crafty gifts are also perfect for teachers looking for a holiday activity the week before Mother's Day.


151 Craft Ideas Arranged by Type


Flowers and Bouquets

Why buy flowers when you can make such beautiful arrangements that last longer and don't take any maintenance? Skip the flower shop and make 'em by hand!

  1. Paper Blossoms - A bare branch, tissue paper, and glue are all it takes to present Mom with a bouquet of delicate, easy-care blossoms she will love.

  2. Pot of Flower Pens - This pot of flower penswould make a great gift for Mother's day and is fun to craft with easy instructions.

  3. Coffee Filter Flowers - Make a beautiful flower bouquet. These flowers are quick, easy, inexpensive and fun for all ages. Use your imagination to come up with your own varieties!

  4. Festive Flowers - Brighten your Mother's Day with a bouquet of these everlasting blooms.

  5. Mosaic Flowerpot - Preserve old treasures and create a useful gift in the process. A Mosaic Flowerpot can be a great mother's day present.

  6. Plant Stakes - These fuzzy bugs are so cute, they will be a welcome (and amusing) sight hanging out in anyone's houseplants.

  7. Painted Glass Vase - Recycle a jar into a pretty gift vase or pencil potthat will add some color to the recipient's desk.

  8. Paper Flowers - Make use of colored cupcake liners to make beautiful and attractive paper flowers for Mom on this mother's day.

  9. Flower Door Stop - Mom can prop open her door with this special gift!

  10. Sunflower Pin Cushion - This cushion is a pretty way to keep pins handy! and can be a wonderful gift for you mom.

  11. Mother's Day Flower Magnet - For the Mom who loves flowers this magnet is the perfect gift. Make it using her favorite flower and she can hang it on the fridge as a reminder of you.

  12. Paper Plate Flower Basket - This Paper plate basket can hold plenty of pretty paper flowers, and still have room inside for Easter candy or other treats. It's perfect for Easter, springtime, Mother's day, or any day!

  13. Decorative Pots for Gardening Mom - Easy to make, these decorative potsbecome excellent class craft projects for young children and gifts for Moms who love gardening.

  14. Candy Plant - Create candy flowers in a terra cotta clay pot is a simple and easy to make mother's day craft which your mom will definitely love.

  15. Mother's Day Flower Hanger - Surprise you mom by placing this beautiful flower hanger filled will her favorite flower at a door of your house.

  16. Pumpkin Seed Flower - This pumpkin seed flower an excellent craft for all ages especially for our preschoolers. The seeds can be used to help with both counting and spatial skills.

  17. Mini Flower Wreath - You can find all the materials in my local craft shop to make this mini flower wreath. It looks great when it is done!

  18. Sunflower Pencils - Make one or make a sunflower pencils bunch! Pretty as they are practical.

  19. Grow a Flower for Mom - Besides a flower bucket kit, all you need is rocks, soil and some TLC and you'll have a terrific gift for Mom!

  20. Paper Bouquet of Hearts and Flowers - This bouquet of heart is a wonderful gift for mom on mother's day.

  21. TP Sunflowers - Check this out, make pretty sunflower flowers from empty paper towel rolls.

  22. Floral Air Freshener - Here's an easy homemade craft to freshen your bathroom or closet - decorate a round air freshener with flowers and lace. Easy and quick to do, this project would also make a nice little shower game prize or bazaar craft.

  23. Spring Wreath - Make a pretty spring wreath in about 20 minutes, it looks quite beautiful on your front door.

  24. Floral Flip-Flops - Purchase the inexpensive flip-flops from a near by drugstores to creat a floral flip-flops for your mom.

  25. A Berry Apple Wreath - The berry apple can used to make this beaufitul wreath, a nice craft for mother's day.
  26. Mother's Day Cards and Scrap Books

    There's nobody like mom, so why even think about getting her one of those cookie-cutter store-bought cards? Instead, make a one of a kind card for a one of a kind mom.

  27. Butterfly Card - Mother's Day butterfly card that takes you and your family outdoors!

  28. House Helper Card - Kids can pledge to lend Mom or Dad a hand around the house with this flowery card.

  29. Teacup Card - Make Mom feel good with a cup of tea . It is easy to make too!

  30. Love Note Flip-book - Here's a gift that serves as a lasting reminder of your family's affection: a flippable compilation of inspirations and love notes personalized for you.

  31. Sunflower Card - Give Mom a Sunflower flower for Mother's Day that she can also hang in her window!

  32. Photo House Card - Make a picture-perfect frame card that's filled with Mom and Dad's favorite faces.

  33. Purse and Notepad Card - A combination Mother's Day card and notepad keepsake!

  34. Pop-up Bouquet Card - Sure, long-stemmed roses may be lovely, but this pop-up bouquet is much more personal -- not to mention affordable on an allowance.

  35. Door Wreath and Magnet Card - A unique Mother's Day Magnet Card that can be hang on the Fridge!

  36. Thumb Bunny Card - Kids have a knack for leaving their fingerprints on everything. Now they can use this incredible skill to crank out a whole mess of adorable thumb bunny cards.

  37. My Garden Window Card - Create this one-of-a-kind, hand-made gift window card to celebrate Mother's Day!

  38. Wheel of Affection - No single Mother's Day card could possibly express all you mean to your family, but this wheel of affection comes close.

  39. Funky Stripes Mother's Day card - Wish your mother a happy Mother's Day with this vibrant striped card that lists your personalized list of some of her best qualities.

  40. Bubble Paper Mother's Day Card - Everyone loves bubbles! Use pretty colored bubbles to create a unique, softly tinted paper for this Mother's Day card.

  41. Gardening Mother's Day Card - Is it a card? Is it a gift? It's both! This easy-to-make gardening card lets little ones display a seed package of pretty spring flowers that you can plant together.

  42. Fingerprint Cards For Mom - There's nothing more unique than a fingerprint and nothing more special than preserving a child's tiny fingers and hands for posterity. Mom will love and cherish these adorable fingerprint cards made by little hands.

  43. Cereal Box Scrapbook - Not just for breakfast anymore, this cereal box scrapbook is a great craft kids that you can make by recycling materials from around the house. It's the perfect all-in-one crafting and cleaning project!

  44. Wooden Scrapbook - Nature becomes natural storage with this attractive Wooden Scrapbook. Kids can decorate this durable album to store their favorite camp photos in.

  45. Back to School Scrapbook Page Layout - Preserve those special school memories with this scrapbook page layout. It requires a paper crimper and some other specialized supplies, but once you're set to go, you can craft as many as you want.

  46. Clay Roses - Learn how to make scrapbooking clay roses by using cake decorating tools.

  47. Mini Scrapbook - a mini scrapbook made using round chipboard coasters and the Afternoon Tea designer series paper is fun making and a nice gift for Mother's Day.

  48. Scrapbook Tag Templates - You can also use these printable templates to create a mother's day scrapbook.

  49. Exploding Box - The Exploding Box Scrapbook can be decorated with photos of anything from Spring flowers to a year-in-review.

  50. Altered Style Scrapbooks - This exciting book will bring out the artist in you. Lend a heritage look to scrapbooks and framed artwork with today's hottest altered styles and techniques.
  51. Photographic Fun

    Sometimes it's hard for mom to take the fact you're so big now. Just think how much she will treasure something special that captures those precious fleeting moments with a photographic gift.

  52. Home Sweet Home Photo Gallery - This adorable three-dimensional house makes a perfect photo memory display. For younger children, use simple designs. Older kids will appreciate more intricate details when decorating their house.

  53. Froggie Photo Frame - Tickle your creative instincts. This Froggie Photo Frame can surely be a lovely mother's day gift

  54. Mom's Photo Cubes - Pretty photo cubes to hold family pictures in Mom's office, or on her dressing table.

  55. Popsicle Stick Photo Frame - Here's a great way to use up all those craft sticks or popsicle sticks that you've been saving - make a pretty photo frame for your mom. This makes a great homemade gift for Mother's Day, any day when you'd like to show your mother how special she is and how much you love her.

  56. Heart Frame - Use any small box, like a Valentine candy box or a jewelry box. This heart frame makes a great gift for Mom or Grandma!

  57. Popsicle Stick Picture Frame - Forget about those standard gift ideas for mom. The Popsicle stick picture frame is a Classic! And, it provides a great base to attach other decorations to as well.

  58. Flower Picture Frame - This beautiful flower shaped photo frame can a great gift on this mother's day.

  59. Twig Frame - A simple-to-make rustic picture frame made from twigs for your mom.

  60. CD Photo Frame - This photo frame made from a recycled CD or DVD makes a perfect for gift for Mother's Day or any other special occasion you can think of. Show off your creative side!

  61. Styrofoam Tray Frame - Use a styrofoam plate from package meats and cut out holes for the pictures and this beaufitul styrofoam frame is ready.

  62. Colorwheel Picture Frame - It's amazing to see what happens when you put them together colourful threads on canvas. You can make colourwheel picture frame in your own designs, too.

  63. Craft Stick Sunflower Picture Frame - This is simplest possible craft stick photoframe craft yet quite elegant gift for the mother's day.

  64. Family Photo Books - Filled with favorite photos, this photo book is just the present for a relative or special family friend, particularly one your family sees less often than you'd like.

  65. Tubular Frame - Add a favorite picture or drawing to one of these paper frames and you've got a perfect gift for someone special.
  66. Spa Inspired Mother's Day Crafts

    Treat mom to the spa experience without the several hundred dollar price tag! These super solutions are sure to make her day.

  67. Spa Door Hanger - If it's a long soak in a hot bath that your mom craves, may we suggest this bathroom-door sign? It bears interchangeable messages that gently let your family know when she in need of some quiet SPA time.

  68. Bath Salts - Give mom the gift of pampering herself with this gorgeous container filled with bath salts. A perfect Mother's Day craft or spring craft, kids will love creating this gorgeous container as a gift.

  69. Soap Bars - The inexpensive yet lovely soap bars make perfect gifts for mom. Plus, they're fun to use in the bath, too!

  70. Decorated Soap - Press flowers traditionally or with the Microwave Flower Press to create a decorate soapwhich your mom will definitely love.

  71. Decoupage Bath Set - Paper napkins come in so many attractive designs these days that they offer a wide range of decoupage possibilities. Here, we chose rosebud napkins to decoupage a bath set, but cheerful yellow ducks, green frogs, or colorful tropical fish would be just as charming.

  72. Oatmeal Soap-on-a-Rope - This is a perfect easy-to-make homemade beauty bar, a great gift for mother's

  73. Rose Water Facial Toner Recipe in a Decorative Jar - The gentle astringent qualities of rose water have long been used as a refreshing facial splash. The addition of witch hazel (also an astringent, and an extract from the hazel tree) improves the toning abilities of this mildly rose scented herbal concoction.

  74. Decorative Liquid Soap Pumps - Soap pump bottles can be elegantly decorated for a perfect mother's day gift.

  75. Homemade Bath Oil with Fragrant Potpourri - This expensive looking gift is really a homemade spa gift that uses baby oil and potpourri, a scrap of raffia and a printable gift tag. Simple supplies and easy to do, but what could be nicer to make and give?

  76. Layered Bath Salts - Colored bath saltsare so easy and cheap to make that even small children can join the fun.

  77. Oatmeal Milk Bath Sachets - Here's a new set of printable sachets, along with a great Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe. Each sachet holds three tablespoons of the Oatmeal Milk Bath Mix, so you can make plenty of sachets for Mother's Day gifts from one recipe batch.

  78. Bath Bags - Make one of these pretty bagsfor someone you care about, fill it with bath beads, lotions, or even our homemade soaps. Use colorful washcloths or a pretty patterned material, topped off with a dainty ribbon.
  79. Chocolate and Cookies

    Moms are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice too - and it doesn't hurt to give her true mom fuel with a little something sweet. Of course, if mom can't eat 'em - there's a few wearable ideas too.

  80. Slipper Cookies - Surprise Mom with a pair of these comfy-looking cookie treats. Mom's heart will feel as warm and fuzzy as her favorite slippers when she lays eyes on these cute cookies.

  81. Candy Bar Bouquet - Pamper your taste buds! This candy bar bouquet can be a ideal gift for mother's day.

  82. Fortune Cookie Decoration - You can guess your fortune with this felt fortune cookie decoration, but no peeking! This kids craft is a great table decoration for Chinese New Year or New Year's Day.

  83. Cookie Cutter Crayons - Recycle your broken crayons into fun shapes and create brand-new crayons! You can also attach them onto gifts as a colorful decoration.

  84. Hot Chocolate in a Jar - Make this fun and simple gift idea - Hot Cocoa recipes in a jar!

  85. Chocolate Covered Frogs- Every young wizard wants a chocolate covered frog treat, so why not make your own? Gummy frogs turn into sweet delights with this simple recipe.

  86. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - This surprisingly simple recipe to make chocolate dipped strawberries has some expert tips to help you achieve the best possible results.

  87. Orange & Chocolate Atmosphere - Rich orange hues, chocolate browns, bright blossoms, and retro-mod patterns come together to create a chic theme for a Mother's Day get-together with friends and family.
  88. Mother's Day Jewelery

    Moms are truly priceless - but if you can't afford to give her diamonds (the next closest thing you can buy), go ahead and make something equally priceless but far less costly by hand!

  89. Cameo Necklace - Want your mom to show off a photo of someone who makes her an eligible celebrant of this springtime holiday? This necklace works like an open-faced locket: nostalgia and jewelry all in one.

  90. Button Bracelet - The sweet and simple bracelet features well-loved faces all in one place and makes a great gift for Mom on her special day.

  91. Spring Flower Necklace - Inspired by the beauty of the spring gardens this necklace is the one which mom is going to love.

  92. Beaded Tiara - Fit around princess head. Twist ends. The metallic stem works like velcro with hair and will stay securely in place.

  93. Bottle Cap Brooch - This is a unique brooch using a bottle cap that can enlighten your mother's day.

  94. Spiral Bead Ring - Wire rings are hot this season! This is one is surely going to be a nice mother's day present.

  95. Rockstar Earrings - This simple pair of hoop earrings that are light and swingy are great for that new spring outfit.

  96. Message Pendant - We know how important it is to share your sentiment with others and this message pendant allows you to do that in style. As others see your message it will open up communication to share your feelings about what your words mean to you.

  97. Flower Shoe Clips - Bright colors and a simple design make this Flower Shoe Clips a perfect Mother's day gift.

  98. Filigree Earrings - This simple filigree earring looks very elegant, yet is quite affordable.

  99. Charmed Ring Necklace - This charming necklace is quick, easy and right in style. We love projects like this when you need a quick last minute gift.

  100. Dragonfly Suncatcher - This dazzling Dragonfly was created to hang in a sunny place. The light catches the crystals and sparkles in the sunlight. It will surely brighten up your day.

  101. Beaded Hair Clip - They say the hair clips are back, then why not to present this to mom on this mother's day.

  102. Bugle Bead Bracelet - This beaufitul Bugle Bead Bracelet is easy to make and goes with the latest trends also.

  103. Silk Flower Brooch - Flower brooches are also great Mother's Day gifts and this silk flower brooches are frighteningly easy to make.

  104. Clip-on Jewelry -This flowery necklace makes a great accessory for jazzing up your child's spring wardrobe. It's also the perfect gift for a relative who loves to garden.
  105. Candles

    You're the light of her life - so return the favor with these bright gifts for Mother's Day.

  106. Decorative Candles - Making these decorative candles is an easy mother's day craft for kids that we all know mom will love. All woman love candles so you cannot go wrong with this easy mother's day craft.

  107. Jeweled Votive Candleholder - Craft a holiday gem with this jeweled votive candleholder. Kids love bejeweling the baby food jar to make this treasured craft.

  108. New Beauty from Old Candles - Everyone loves the smell of an aromatic candle . They bring comfort during a relaxing soak in the bathtub, fill your living room with the scrumptious smell of baked pie, and are lovely on the porch on a warm summer's evening.

  109. Ivy Bowl Candle Lamp - Sometimes the simplest ideas are best - and this pretty little potpourri scented candle lamp is so simple to make! Wouldn't this be nice to give Mom for Mother's Day.

  110. Heart and Bow Candle Holder - This heart shaped candle holder can be finished with a clear stain for a natural look, or the two parts can be painted with complementary colours.

  111. Ice Candle - Combine ice cubes with candle to create this amazing gift for this mother's day.

  112. CupCake Candles - Making whipped wax for decorative candles is rather simple when you know how and it can turn a candle into something spectacular just like this cupcake candles.

  113. CD Candle Holder - Make use of old CDs to create this beautiful CD candle holder. It is easy too.

  114. Star Jar Candle holder - A beautiful star shaped candle holder with the Jar is the one moms will definitely like.

  115. Seashell Candle - Decorate a candle with seashells to prepare this elegant mother's day gift.

  116. Sand Glass Candle - The traditional sand glass candles are still quite popular simply because they are easy to make and childrens love them.
  117. Water Candle - This candle floating on cold water creates a nice ambience.
  118. Crafty Gifts For The Home

    Even if mom isn't home all the time, she really does miss you when she's there and you're not. Give her a gift to comfort her every day at home in your absence.

  119. Collage or Placemat - Give Mom her breakfast or dinner served on her own special placemat! Make Mom a special collage to show her how much you care.

  120. Napkin Rings - Napkin rings made from paper towel and beans can be a great art work for this mother's day.

  121. Flowered Place Mats - Use a wilting bouquet or gather flowers and leaves to make beautiful place mats. Colors eventually fade to browns for a truly elegant look.

  122. Kitchen Utensil Holder - This kitchen utensil holder is a ideal gift for a mom who loves spending time in kitchen.

  123. Stick Vase - After leading hundreds of hikes, I've come to the conclusion that no self-respecting kid ever walks through the woods without breaking off a stick to carry. To put that stick-gathering impulse to good use, save them all for decorating this woodsy vase that even young children can make in minutes.

  124. Woven Potholders - Weave a potholder for mom! Make one to match her kitchen, make one for each special holiday and make one in her favorite colors.

  125. Kitchen Sink Pot - a colourful sink pot lovely gift to make for your mom for Mother's Day, it will surely help your mom to organize her stuff in kitchen.

  126. Personalized Key and Change Holder -This holder is a desktop accessory that's just for a special someone.

  127. Recipe Card Holder - Use decorative ribbon, silk flowers, felt, or anything you like to decorate this recipe holder. A child's picture added makes a nice touch, however, be sure to cover with Con-Tact paper to protect the picture.

  128. Mom's Trinket Box - Decorate a clear or paper mache box with a few embellishments to make a trinket box in which mom can store a few special items.

  129. Decoupage Flower Wreath - This colorful spring wreath will be a beautiful addition to your home as well as a gift your mother will really appreciate for Mother's Day and throughout the year.

  130. Cozy Mother's Day Glasses Case - Moms with glasses will surely appreciate these soft cozy cases this Mother's Day.

  131. Painted Sofa Back - Make beautiful sofa backs by yourself and decorate proudly in your living room!

  132. Appliqued pillow case - Have a design drawn on a paper. Choose appropriate fabric scraps and cut them into the required shapes to make this Appliqued pillow case

  133. Homemade Gift Bags - Kids can personalize gifts with these Homemade Gift Bags made from wrapping paper--perfect for gifts of all sizes and for all seasons.

  134. Decorative Gift Bags - Give inexpensive bags a makeover with this Decorative Gift Bag craft for kids. Add copies of family photos for a personal touch.

  135. Angel Place Cards - This place card can be used to decorate dinning table on mother's day.

  136. Hand-Painted Mugs - Get a handle on holiday gift-giving by turning plain mugs into personalized masterpieces.

  137. Handprint Apron - Kids will enjoy making this handy apron. All they have to do is dip their hands in paint and voila, they've made a great gift with their own "signature" on it.

  138. Hand Prints on Dish Towel - a dishcloth and pot holder set stamped with the kids' handprint is a surefire hit for grandparents, and easy for even the youngest children to make.

  139. Cut-Out Coaster - Here's a homemade gift kids can take a hand in: a stack of drink coasters.

  140. Alligator Sewing Kit - This snazzy 'gator (aka a sewing book for pins and needles) is a great gift for any seamstress.

  141. Handy Holder - Looking for a fun and practical gift your child can help make for Grandma and Grandpa on their special day? This no-sew caddy tucks under the cushion of a couch or favorite chair and keeps the television remote control and viewing guide within easy reach.

  142. Cast Catchalls - This casting project may take a day or two to complete, but the end product -- a pretty holder for jewelry, coins or other collectibles -- will make a lasting impression on whomever your child bestows it.

  143. Coiled Basket - These pliable baskets will soon find a home clustered on your child's dresser top, ready to be filled with everything from barrettes to bottle caps. They also make great gifts.

  144. Squared off Bed Spread - This is a Vintage Pattern Bed Spread is a can be used to enlighten mom on this mother's day.
  145. Unique Personalized Gifts Only You Can Make

    There's nobody else like you - and to mom, you're nothing short of priceless. Use what momma gave you and leave the mark only you can with these ultra-personal gifts.

  146. Footprint T-Shirt - This home-made t-shirt was a hit with dad on Father's Day, although this would also make a great gift for mom. Change the wording a bit and it is great for anyone!

  147. Identi-tee - Let your kids turn fabric scraps, ribbon, and patches of material into personalized fashion statements.

  148. Blue Jeans Denim Bootie Bag Purse - This jeans bag has the option of being a sewing project or a quick no sew bag by using glue. Glue is a great alternative.

  149. Recycled Plastic Bag Purse - Crocheted using recycled plastic bags this Granny Square Bag is a quick and fun project!

  150. Butterfly Bead Bookmark - These butterflies bookmarks make lovely teachers and mothers day gifts and easy to make too.

  151. Ladybug Bookmark - These ladybugs bookmarks will crawl through the pages of your book as you enjoy each page of a favorite or new story you are reading yourself or someone is reading to you.

  152. Flower Bookmark - Here is a craft for spring and summer when flowers are blossoming so you can preserve some of their beauty when they are no longer around. This flower bookmark can also be a wonderful gift for mother's day.

  153. Say It with Signs - These are made from yard sign (sticks) that lawn care people place in yards to show the lawn has been treated. Create and then place these signs along the recipient's driveway or along their lawn that they can read as they drive up to their house. Great for parties too!

  154. Almost No Sew Hip Make-Up Bag - This hip and funky make up bag makes a perfect homemade gift or any cool mom. A pretty fabric matched with a bright button makes for a lovely present that mother can truly use.

  155. Heart Pin - This heart pin is made for all the very special mothers out there and they will be proud to wear it because it was made by someone equally special. Adult assistance may be required with writing and the use of the glue gun.

  156. Layered Flower Pin - Show your mother how much you appreciate her by making her this flower pin as a gift idea for Mother's Day. An adult should assist with the use of the glue gun.

  157. Photo Gift Bag - The best way to personalize a gift bag is to add a photo of you. Not only will it house the present you have for your Mom on Mother's Day it will become part of the present and a treasured keepsake.

  158. Flower Heart Basket - What's great about this flower heart basket is these flowers will last so you can enjoy your creation longer.

  159. Fabulous Footprints - Step into the sand and remove your foot, leaving a nice footprint, a memory for life time for you mom.






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