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40 Ways to Celebrate Mom – Gift Ideas, Activites & Surprises!

May 3rd, 2012

Just as no two Moms are the same, no Mother’s Day idea is right for everyone.

So here are FORTY ideas! We hope you’ll find at least a few that are right for your special Mom. But if not, feel free to ask for help or more idea suggestions in the comments box at the end of this post.

Also, for more great Mothers Day gift ideas, don’t forget to visit our main gifts page, and also, our 2012 “Ten Best Ideas” page. Happy Mother’s Day!

#1 – Handprints Canvas Art Kit

Here’s a great way for the kids to make a crafty gift so great it’ll stand up to any museum masterpiece! Four, stretched and ready-to-paint canvases, plus complimentary paints, to leave a lasting impression!
Handprint Canvas Art Kits

mothers day art

#2 – 50% OFF Fresh-Cut Flowers + FREE Vase, FREE Chocolates

For just $29.98, you really can’t beat this gorgeous bouquet of fresh-cut irises and tulips. That, plus FREE vase and FREE chocolates! This deal is too perfect to pass up.
Fresh-Cut Flowers + FREE Vase & Chocolates – Just $29.98!

mothers day flowers

#3 – Cut-Out Photo Frame

Q: Who’s one of the most special Moms around? A: Grandma! And there aren’t too many gifts that Grandmas like more than family photos. Also available as a “Mother” cut-out.
Cut Out Photo Frames

mothers day photo frames

#4 – Graffiti Love Notes

Use sidewalk chalk to draw a huge heart (or flower or whatever) in the driveway, along with a Happy Mother’s Day message!
Surpise and Pamper Mom

mothers day surprises

#5 – The Yin Yang Heart, Silver Necklace from Gemvara

This may be the single most popular item we’ve ever featured on Mother’s Day Central. So much so, we had to bring it back this year. If Mom sees this, she’ll just melt. And you can customize the gemstones to match birth months.
Yin Yang Heart Necklace

mothers day gem necklace

#6 – Recipes Kids Can Make

Let the kids in on the fun with these very easy to prepare, kid-friendly recipe ideas, sure to delight any mom.
Recipes Kids Can Make for Mom

mothers day recipes for kids to make

#7 – Mom Shadowbox

Tell the story of You and Mom!
Mom Shadowbox

mothers day photo shadowbox

#8 – Fill-in-the-Blank Coupons

Commit to a house-cleaning, breakfast in bed, or whatever Mom would like. Use your imagination!
Fill-in-the-Blank Coupons

mothers day blank coupons

#9 – Mother’s Love Pendant

Heart-shaped, sterling silver, small diamond inset.
Mother’s Love Pendant

mothers day love pendant

#10 – Make a Tribute Gift to the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross helps prepare communities for emergencies and keep people safe every day thanks to caring people who support their work.
American Red Cross

mothers day charity gift

#11 – Garden Décor

Is Mom a gardener? She might just love this charming Cat & Dog garden stake!

Find it here, and lots more great garden stuff too!
Garden Décor

mothers day garden gifts

#12 – Heart Shaped Slider Pendant

Mom’s or Grandma’s birthstone looks over up to 7 children’s birthstones, all customizable to the birthmonth of your loved ones.
Gold Version Silver Version

mothers day birthstone jewelry

#13 – Personalized Mom Cards: 99¢ w/Code “AFFTREAT”

Your choice of design, your photos, your words! Order here:
Professionally Printed Mother’s Day Card

mothers day cards

#14 – Say It With a Poem

When you order that personalized card for Mom (see #13 above), why not add a poem to help express the way you feel! We’ve got 101 Mother’s Day poems to choose from – find them here:
101 Mothers Day Poems

mothers day poetry

#15 – Cute & Sassy Aprons

These adorable aprons are fun AND useful. When Mom is cooking, no reason she can’t do it in style! HUGE sale too: Save 40% with Coupon Code “Mother40″!
Cute & Sassy Aprons

mothers day aprons

#16 – Adopt a Pet

Is Mom a pet lover? is a GREAT resource for finding dogs or cats near you. It really doesn’t get any better than this. :)
Adopt a Cat or Dog

mothers day pet

#17 – Birth Month Flower Necklaces

A Mother’s Day Central staff favorite – adorable!
Birth Flower Necklaces

#18 – Clean and Detail Mom’s Car

Not many Moms love washing the car, so give Mom a break and do it for her! Then watch her face when she walks outside to see her vehicle looking all shiny and clean. Even better: Fill the tank with gas beforehand.
Clean Mom’s Car and Other Fun Surprises

mothers day car cleaning

#19 – Pearl & Diamond Earrings – Jewelry Favorites Collection

RedEnvelope’s Jewelry Favorites selections never fail to please. Simple, elegant, and eye-catching! Do yourself a favor – browse the entire collection before making a decision on the best choice.
Jewelry Favorites Collection – Up to 20% Off Through Mother’s Day Central

mothers day jewelry favorites

#20 – Chocolate Dipped Berries (20% Off Through Mother’s Day Central)

If you want to get Mom something delicious that’s a pure treat, look no further. Nobody does this better than Shari’s Berries.
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

mothers day berries

#21 Outdoor Plant Stand

If Mom likes potted plants, this is a brilliant way to display them, and the perfect time of year to get it set up!
Outdoor Plant Stands

mothers day plant stands

#22 Spa Gift Cards

Buy them in various amounts. Mom can choose from over 5,000 local spas so it won’t be hard to find one or more near her.
Spa Gift Cards

mothers day xyzzzz

#23 Spiratual Necklaces

Gifts with spiratual meaning are popular for Mother’s Day. One of the most beautiful lines we know of is Gemvara’s cross pendants, customizable by choice of birthstone.
Cross Necklaces

mothers day cross necklace

#24 Personalized Stepping Stones

A very popular, personalized gift for any Mom with a yard or garden! And kids love ‘em as much as the adults do!
Garden Stepping Stones

mothers day stepping stones

#25 A Year’s Worth of Wish Candles

One of our staff favorites! We love the little saying on each candle, and the charm that’s revealed as each candle burns.
Year’s Worth of Wish Candles

mothers day candles

#26 Relaxation Gifts for New Mothers

Few Moms need rest and relaxation more than New Mothers! So take care of new Mom with a gift of relaxation.
Relaxation Gifts for New Mothers

mothers day relaxation

#27 – Turkish Terry Robe

Cushy and comfy and made of 100% Turkish cotton, this robe is as soft and plush as those offered at five-star hotels.
Turkish Cotton Terry Robe

mothers day robe

#28 – Sapphire Diamond Earrings

A little pricy, but for what they are, the price is right. And, ummm, they’re gorgeous.
Sapphire Diamond Earrings

mothers day sapphire earrings

#29 – Hot Air Balloon Ride

Yes, you can! Or, a boat ride. Or, some other trip or adventure Mom never thought she’d do. Go on, you know you want to!
Hot Air Balloon Ride & Other Adventures

mothers day balloon adventure

#30 – Motherisms!

IF Mom is a good sport, have a little fun with her by recalling some of her famous “motherisms.” To get you started, we’ve got a list of the classics here.
Have Fun With Motherisms

#31 Gemstone Bracelets

Bracelets are popular right now, and we really love these birthstone bracelets, laced with tiny diamonds.

Gemstone Bracelets

mothers day bracelet

#32 Gourmet Cheesecake

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or after-dinner dessert, this treat would be great to have on hand.

Gourmet Cheesecake

mothers day cheesecake

#33 – Swarovski Women’s Watch from Lucien Piccard

Add some sparkle to Mom’s style with gorgeous Swarovski Crystal watch from LP. Comes with 4 interchangeable leather straps: red, ivory, blue and brown.

Swarovski Crystal Women’s Watch

mothers day watch

#34 Designer Tote & Matching Scarf

Soooo cute! And just in time for summer getaways and trips to the beach. Love the removable, coordinated scarf too!

Designer Tote & Matching Scarf

mothers day tote and scarf

#35 Champagne & Truffles

If we’re going to be celebrating Mom, seriously, is there any better way? Nope. Nuh-uh. This is the way.

Champagne & Truffles

mothers day champagne

#36 Bonsai Trees and Plants

Each and every Bonsai Tree is a unique and special treasure, just like Mom!

Bonsai Trees and Plants

mothers day bonsai trees

#37 Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Make it simple as can be for the kids: Download one of our printable cards and fill it out, with love, to Mom. :)

Printable Mothers Day Cards

printable mothers day cards

#38 Nutty and Naughty

Healthy dried fruits and nuts plus a decadent assortment of scrumptous truffles. Nutty or naughty, you can’t lose with this choice.

Nuts and Chocolate Truffles

mothers day nuts and chocolate

#39 Years Worth of Flowers

Keep Mom’s vase full of fresh cut flowers all year long! Or, you can opt for a 3, 6 or 9 month duration too! Great as a last minute gift as well.

12 Months of Flowers

mothers day xyzzzz

#40 – Give Mom a Hug

The best Mother’s Day present in the world!

mothers day hug

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    beatriz Says:

    i just found out your blog and is just great, i love all the ideas you have for mothers day,, congratulations

    Adelaide Says:

    What a fantastic and diverse list of gifts here! I was a bit concerned about finding something for my grandmother, but many of these are perfect for her too. I had got her Tracfone’s SVC (cellphone for seniors), and although it will be really practical and easy for her to keep contact, I was really looking for some personalized gifts too. While 10 best ideas doesn’t always cover everyone, the 30 here almost make it more difficult to choose! I look forward to part 4.

    Olajide Ola'Emmanuel Says:

    Mothers are to be appreciated every second of a lifetime. I love all the caring mothers

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