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User Submitted Tips for Delighting Mom on Mothers Day

Here are some tips submitted by our users, designed to let Mom know just how special she is, and how much she means to us...


Graffiti Love Notes

"The kids and I used sidewalk chalk to draw a HUGE heart in the driveway and write different notes to Mom on the sidewalk all the way around our house. Notes like: Best Mom; You're #1; and We Love You! She was truly surprised and cried when she walked the "path of love."

Best part - no cost and about 20 minutes of our time for a lifetime memory."

Submitted by: Loving Husband


Smiley Face Pancakes

"Bring her smiley pancakes, bacon, and orange juice in bed!

Submitted by: Yohanyo

Note from MDC Staff: Thanks Yohanyo, we couldn't agree more. And if anyone needs help with those smiley faced pancakes, check out our Recipes Kids Can Make section!


Bring Mom's Dream Vacation to Her

"My mom has always wanted to visit Mexico but because of her heavy 7 day a week work schedule she has yet to go so for Mother's Day this year we are gonna sneak in and decorate the lunch room in Mexican style and give her a Mexican picnic lunch!"

Submitted by: Amanda Marriott


Plan a Surprise Visit

"If you live away from home, plan a surprise visit. This can be the greatest gift of all.

"Ask a neighbor or other family member to make sure she'll be at home! Show her how much she means in your attitude and in your eyes. No amount of jewlery or roses can say as much you can. A simple "I love you -- thank you for everything you do," can be world-changing with a little eye-contact and sincerity. She can tell when your words come from the heart."

Submitted by: Anonymous


Symbolic Gift Giving

"My sisters and I got items that represented something to us. We got breakfast for our mom had a picnic at a park. The setting was nice. It was not crowed like at a restuarant.

"Once we were done with our breakfast we took out our items and each one of us said what the items represented. An example is we had our bronzed baby shoes and said it represented how she taught us how to take our first baby steps into this world and continue to lead us in taking the right steps in life. We also had a cross to present how she brought up us with good morals. There was also a rock to represent how she was a strong single mother. The last gift we brought out was a mother's ring we bought her. We explained how the ring represented our appreciation and love.

"Until this day my mom still remembers the gestures and words."

Submitted by: Ms.V


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