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Mother's Day Planning Checklist

Planning ahead for a Happy Mothers Day helps make the occasion fun and relaxing. Whether cooking a meal at home or setting up the extravagant weekend itinerary, you’ll benefit from having a checklist of important points to have covered well in advance: tickets, reservations, what to buy, and so on.

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Happy Mothers Day Cards

  • Personalized Mother's Day Cards — Create a personalized card online with your own photos and verse, then have it mailed to you for inspection, or directly to Mom. Way better than store-bought!
  • Make Cards — If any of the kids are making cards, remind them, and help them if necessary. You can download printables from our site also.
  • Sign Cards — Get the whole family to sign the cards for Mom by Saturday, latest. Consider adding a poem or other special quote.

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  • Flowers — Flowers sell fast around Mother's Day. Buy or order a day or two in advance. Pre-order if picking up yourself.

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Gifts and Gestures

  • Shop & Order Early — Gifts bought online or through a catalog take time to ship. Order 2-4 weeks ahead. (However, even last-minute shoppers might be able to get great gifts online, for the extra cost for rush delivery.)
  • Wrap Gifts — Wrap gifts and attach cards ahead of time. For added impact, place Mom’s gifts in the living room for Mother’s Day morning.
  • Write or Choose a Poem in Advance — Avoid struggling over it last minute. Give yourself plenty of time. Or, choose an existing poem from our extensive collection of poems, quotes and verse.
  • Surprise and Pamper Mom — Cater to Mom's needs from morning 'till night. We've got all sorts of ways husbands and kids can pamper Mom.

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Activities Out

  • Make Reservations — Restaurants see more business on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. Resorts, amusement parks, hotels and bed & breakfasts also tend to fill up fast. Make your reservations at least a week in advance, preferably 2-4 weeks.
  • Buy Tickets — Any event on Mother's Day will probably be well attended. If you plan on taking in a play, concert or sporting event, make sure to purchase tickets in advance.
  • Know Where You're Going — Make sure your GPS is working, or print out directions from your favorite online map site.
  • Fill up the Tank Ahead of Time — As a courtesy to Mom and the rest of the family, make sure the gas tank if full.
  • Check the Weather — Outdoor plans may have to be diverted indoors before a cold and cloudy forecast. Have alternate plans in mind.

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Fun at Home

  • Crafts — Crafts that kids can make are a great way to give Mom a meaningful and unique Mother's Day gift. Choose a craft project ahead of time and ensure that the project is age-appropriate. Ideally, get buy-in from the child who will be making the project.
  • Games — Does Mom love games? If so, Mother's Day is a great opportunity for some family fun and togetherness, in game mode!

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Cooking for Mom

  • Recipes — If cooking for Mom, make sure you've selected the recipe or recipes you like and have the recipe on hand.
  • Groceries — Do your grocery shopping the day before (or make sure there will be time Sunday morning to go out and get what you need. If you have a surprise for the meal, like chocolate or some other specialty item, hide it away and keep it as a surprise.

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General Preparation

  • Check In with the Family — If planning to visit relatives, be courteous by calling a day or two before Mother’s Day, to let them know your arrival time, and ask again if there’s anything else you can bring. Even with plans that involve the immediate family, make sure everyone will be able to attend on time, ready to celebrate Mom.
  • Kids Finish Homework — Minimize any potential worries that might get in the way of a fun and carefree Mother’s Day.
  • Cameras Ready — You will probably want pictures to remember the day, so have the camera charged and ready.

  . To download a printable copy of this checklist: Click on This Link (PDF)





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