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Gifts for Home & Garden

Enhance Mom's indoor and outdoor spaces with tasteful and stylish home and garden gifts.

Focus on gifts that are consistent with Mom's tastes and lifestyle.

Perhapos a special piece of furniture she's always wanted, or a backyard Zen water fountain?

Or, look indoors to make Mom's time in and around the house more enjoyable.

Outdoor & Garden Gifts

Bird Feeders

Plow & Hearth has loads of great ideas to enhance any outdoor setting, including planters of all kinds, garden and patio furniture, garden accents, raised planters, birdhouses, and bird feeders like the one shown on the right.

If Mom loves the backyard garden, then she'll love it even more after this arrives!

Gifts for the Home, Yard and Garden - Plow & Hearth


Garden Gift Baskets

This has to be the best garden-oriented gifts for moms that we've ever run across. Choices include watering cans filled with garden supplies, and more serious garden totes and tools for more serious gardeners.

Creative and Practical Gardening Baskets



Garden Water Fountains

Mom will want to spend more time in her garden when you give her an elegant, running water fountain. And, it's something the whole family can enjoy!

Serene Home & Garden Water Fountains - Plow & Hearth


Home & Houseware Gifts

Fun and Flirty Aprons

We fell in love with these cute kitchen aprons the first time we saw them. These are way better than what those chefs on TV are wearing.

If mom is cooking, there's no reason she can't do it in style!

Flirty Aprons



Houseware Gifts

Does Mom need a new coffee or expresso machine? Perhaps she can't get enough kitchen gadgets?

Here are two of our favorite online stores for home and houseware gifts:

Gifts for the Home - Macy's

Gifts for the Home - Nordstrom







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