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12 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mom

How do you save yourself when Mother's Day arrives and you still don't have a gift?

Simple: You come up with a creative idea that is unique and unexpected!

Here are a handful of fun and low cost ideas that our staff came up with (we think some come from past experience, though nobody here is admitting anything).

If you don't spark to any of the ideas below, you can always head over to our printable gift coupons page. Just fill in a coupon with a gesture Mom would appreciate!

1. Flower of the Month Club


What turns "Mother's Day flowers" into a really great gift idea? When the flowers don't stop!

ProFlowers' Flower of the Month Club makes it easy to have flowers delivered once a month for 3, 6 or 12 months. Send flowers, plants or even bulbs!

Almost any Mom would be delighted to receive flowers once a month. Best of all, the prices are surprisingly affordable for such an impressive gesture! You can even use one of our printable cards to let Mom know about this gift.

2. Treat Mom to a Spa Experience

Treat Mom to a day at a spa. You can buy her a gift card online, and then have a plastic card sent by mail, OR, print your card instantly, making this an inspired last minute gift idea!

Spa Gift Cards - offered only by SpaWeek give Mom access to thousands of top quality spas in hundreds of cities around the country.

We also love it that Spa Gift Cards are good any time, and never expire.

3. Indulge Mom's Interests


You're about to leave for Mom's house without a Mother's Day gift, again?

Never fear: A magazine subscription is an excellent way to give Mom something she might not normally splurge on herself. And the deals available online are incredible.

Just head on over to and pick one of Mom's favorites. Get Mom a one-year subscription, and you're done!

4. Let Mom Choose!


Think about the kind of gift Mom might like (e.g., jewelry, perfume, clothing, spa...), then get her a gift card that suits her tastes. That way, Mom can select the exact gift she prefers!

We've got Mother's Day Gift Cards covering lots of different products and store types, including jewelry, spa and beauty, magazines, specialty store, department stores and more.

5. Charitable Donations in Mom's Name

Many charities allow you to make donation is someone else's name, so why not make a donation to Mom's favorite charity? We've linked to AmeriCares here, but there are literally thousands of worth charities out there that are worth your attention.

Be sure you make the donation "In honor of" and not "In memory of" unless this is a memorial gift. Or, just tell Mom what you've done by noting it in the Mother's Day card you give her.

6. Fill Mom's Gas Tank


This is certainly not the cheapest Mother's Day gift these days, but it's bound to be very much appreciated! So if you're on the verge of showing up at Mom's on Mother's Day, gift-less and without a clue, remember that this can save you, and make Mom happy.

You can even take it one step further and run her car through the car wash.

7. Set Up a Virtual Family Reunion


Treat Mom to an online family conference call or full-blown, multi-media Internet meeting. Voice over Internet (VOIP) and video capabilities make a family gathering among any number of far apart family members a memorable event.

  • Companies like iVisit, host virtual, private conference rooms for an affordable price and cater specifically to families. Invite family and friends to login and share video, documents, photos and even messaging tools. 
  • For a simple telephone conference call, you can go with a free service like FreeConference.

8. Recipes by the Dozen


Armed with just a printer and some paper you can quickly whip up an impromptu and customized cookbook with Mom in mind. What kinds of food does she like? Is she a real kitchen maven or does she struggle to even make a PB&J?

Check out a popular recipe site where you can access print-friendly recipes categorized by skill level. Bind your pages, add a fancy cover and you're done.

9. Create a Customized Cell Phone Screensaver


Create a personalized cellphone screensaver for Mom. Choose from a wide selection of freeware and shareware programs that quickly guide you through the steps necessary to create a screensaver of family photos.

  • Red Dodo provides online templates you may easily customize with your own text. Then you simply download to Mom's cellphone.
  • Download a program like MobileSaver 2.2. The program guides you in creating a cellphone screensaver from the photos and transitions you choose.

10. Give Mom the Gift of Song


At Custom Mother's Day Songs you can order a downloadable MP3 of an original Mother's Day song, with illustrated lyric sheet and CD cover.

You can even use a music CD-writing program on your computer to copy the song onto a CD - then print the CD jacket cover, print the illustrated lyric sheet and you're good to go!

11. Dozens of Classic Novels in the Palm of Her Hand


Find an affordable flash drive for under $30. Then Download a couple of classic novels or biographies onto the drive.

Mom can simply plug the drive into a computer and access PDF files of copyright-free works. Search for classics like Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights, and The Odyssey.

12. Mom's Own Domain Name


Register your Mom's first and last name as a .com, .org, or .net. If she has a common name that is already registered, think of a phrase that describes who she is and what she likes.

Set up an appointment to show how she can use her new domain. Mention that she can have an online voice with a blog, and set this up for her using free blogging software such as WordPress or Blogger.







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