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Aphrodisiacs, Sex, Medicine, Vanilla – The Orchid has Unique Qualities

May 2nd, 2015

Orchids have always seemed exotic and have been the object of intrigue for centuries. They were thought to have magical cures, even cures for sexual problems due to their similarity in appearance to a certain part of the human anatomy.

Aphrodisiac Qualities

The Ancient Greeks believed that the orchid roots had aphrodisiac qualities and would cure reproductive problems. In 1640 a Botanist wrote that if “a man ate a large orchid tuber, he would begat many children”.

Medicine and Flavoring

The Ancient Chinese and Japanese used orchids as medicine which you can see in some of the earliest paintings and vases. And in India they made a drink out of orchid roots. In fact Vanilla is derived from the seed pods of orchids.

The Royal Family of Plants

Orchids are known as “The Royal Family of Plants” and can now be successfully cultivated at home. If you think your Mom would like an orchid (and who wouldn’t) she can maintain the orchid and be rewarded by her efforts.

Over 35,000 Species for Millions of Years

Orchids have been in existence for millions of years; there are over 35,000 different species of orchid around the world, except in Antarctica, and over 300,000 hybrids registered.

An Expert in Pollination

Orchids specialize in pollination – They mimic other species to attract pollination such as bees and butterflies. They also have scent they exude at night and the illusion of moisture that lures insects in to assist in pollination.

Insects, hummingbirds, small mammals, bats and the wind all contribute to orchid’s reproductive success.

Order Mom an orchid today and tell her a little bit of the history.

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