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Lilacs – Such Sweet Fragrance and Medicinal Too

April 30th, 2015

The name Lilac comes from Western Europe meaning “purple”. They are in abundance in Iran and Turkey and are called the “Fox Tail”. Lilacs are part of the olive family.

Lilacs Come From The Balkans

Lilacs can be traced back to Europe, to the Balkan countries and were greatly admired for their beauty and incredible fragrance.

Their presence in Turkey started, most likely, with shepherds carrying the plants back to their homelands, including Istanbul, from more northern parts of Europe. In the 1500’s lilacs were considered a plant worthy of being presented in court in Austria and in Paris. As a result, they became very popular throughout Europe.

A Plant for the Who’s Who

When they first arrived in Western Europe, lilacs were rare. Only important people had them in their gardens. For a time, the posh and well-connected boasted of the lilac variants that grew in their gardens.

Lilacs became a popular garden plant among the colonists in America. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson loved the plant and grew it in their estates. Jefferson even wrote about his personal method of growing lilacs in his garden book. Artists and poets loved the plant and used its imagery in their works.

An Early Bloomer

Lilacs aren’t just popular because they smell nice. They also bloom before most other summer flowers. While the rose is still budding, the lilac is in full show. They typically grow as large shrubs or small trees.

A Medicinal Marvel

Lilacs have been used in many medicinal applications since they were first cultivated. They were also used to help people remove intestinal worms and recover from malaria. Some studies revealed that it might have anti-fever properties. The flowers are edible, too, though a tad bitter.

More Than Just Purple

White lilacs in a metal flower bucket.

Although the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is synonymous with a shade of purple, it also comes in a broad array of colors. Some lilacs are pale, ranging from mauve to white.

Blue and purple lilacs with butterflies.

Others come in a bright light blue to a rich magenta. Each color has taken on a new meaning. Blue lilacs symbolize happiness. White lilacs mean purity. The shade associated with the flower itself symbolizes a first love.

Lilacs with Pink Roses.

Shower Her with Flowers

A bouquet of fragrant lilacs is the perfect gift for the who’s who of your life. Don’t wait until a special occasion. Remind your mother that she was your first love by ordering a lovely arrangement of lilacs today.

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