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Download a Fabulous (and Free) Mother’s Day Song for Mom

April 22nd, 2008

When that last minute is upon you and it’s crunch time, sometimes you need to pull off something special in a pinch. Enter this free downloadable song for your mom. The “Gun & Doll Show” recently released a fabulous free “Happy Mother’s Day” song on the internet for download from his Celebration Songs CD.

This very cool song has both style and grace. Everyone on the Mother’s Day Central staff is loving it! Go get your mom a free downloadable song for Mother’s Day.

We know how it goes some years. Suddenly the realization hits that Mother’s Day is upon you, but you’ve not yet gotten the card in the mail, or the flowers ordered. No head-slap needed this year, because Killian MacGeraghty, best known as front man and ringleader for San Francisco’s legendary rock & power-pop band, The Gun & Doll Show, recently released a collection of songs that include the catchy and memorable, not-to-mention free download-able “Happy Mother’s Day” from his Celebration Songs CD (Glitter and Glue Publishing).

In the short time since its release, “Happy Mother’s Day”, has been downloaded over 85,000 times. He’s on to something for sure. MacGeraghty reflects on what inspired him to write a song about mothers saying:

“I come from a family of five kids, so I know it takes tireless devotion, non-stop effort and the patience of an angel to be a mother. As kids, my brothers and sisters and I took for granted that we were always provided for even when times were tough, and naturally we didn’t know to be thankful. I always wanted to make some kind of tribute to mothers everywhere. So I’m so glad this song is traveling on its own steam. Mothers are so deserving.”

2 Responses Says:

    This is a great idea for Mother’s Day. Very unique and I think alot of moms would definitely appreciate something like this. =)

    hanin Says:


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