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Nice Giveaway over at PCH Search & Win

May 7th, 2010

We were just chatting to the folks at PCH Search&Win, and thought their Roses Giveaway event going on right now was so nice, we’d mention it twice. (For those who don’t know, PCH Search&Win is a search engine powered by Publishers Clearing House.)

PCH Search&Win is giving away 50 Bouquets of Roses today!

If you haven’t bought that special Mother’s Day gift, check it out. (Roses … love … roses. :P)

Basically, any time you search with PCH Search&Win today you get a chance to win some fresh and blossoming roses that would lift just about anyone’s spirits!

The giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. today, so don’t waste any time!

One Response

    Linda Murch Says:

    I would like to win a bouquet of roses for my daughter. She works hard, she has a lovely girl and a set of twin boys who are the slightest bit autistic. Affording the programs the boys need to attend to get them up to speed with the other 1st graders is impossible. The State said they would pay for some help but Shannon would have to keep the boys out of school this year. Or if she sent them to school, the State has nothing to offer them. She has a lot of work to keep the 3 kids in line with their school peers. Shannon gives a lot of time to her church. She reads to one old lady who can no longer do it, as well as taking her to her many doctor’s appts. There is another lady Shannon helps on a one-to-one basis. Shannon has a husband who is physically ill and the drs. cannot find out why; he is extra cranky. Shannon should be nominated Mother of the Year. She definitely deserves a bouquet of roses.
    Thank you.

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