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“Mothering Sunday” VS. “Mother’s Day”

February 21st, 2011

Mothering Sunday in the UK is often called “Mother’s Day” and is regarded as more or less synonymous with “Mother’s Day” as celebrated in other countries around the world.

Occasionally we receive emails on the topic of the “Mothering Sunday” in the UK, and whether or not the name should be changed to “Mother’s Day.”

Should “Mothering Sunday” be Changed to “Mother’s Day”?

Some feel that the history and origins of Mothering Sunday should be respected, and the name maintained.

Others feel that Mothering Sunday’s origins are no longer relevant to the full and diverse spectrum of families in the UK today, and that “Mothering Sunday” might be more appropriately celebrated as “Mother’s Day.”

What do you think?

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Should the name “Mothering Sunday” be changed to “Mother’s Day” in the UK?

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voters preferred to keep things as they are today.

 Learn more about Mothering Sunday here.

6 Responses

    Carter Strowe Says:

    Very sweet! I always feel nerdy when I find this kind of stuff interesting.

    Paul Says:

    Where does the “ritual and slavery” come into this ? Discuss

    Tracy Says:

    Mothering Sunday does have its traditions Mothers Day is for more commercial reasons. I think I prefer the original meaning and values of Mothering Sunday.

    sara mckechnie Says:

    I believe some traditions are best forgotton as mothering sunday has a flavour of ritual and slavery. Whereas mothers day is for all who want to simply wish their mothers a reminder of their love on a fixed date like a birthday date!

    jonnascotts Says:

    As Mothering Sunday has its own rich history and its true that we should respect it, otherwise we can change the name but this is something which has more importance.

    Paul Says:

    Mothering Sunday is when all were expected to return to their ” mother church” where their home was, to worship. This was a chance for those “in service” or working away from home to see their Mother. They would often take a Simnel Cake with which to celebrate. Why do we have to lose ALL these traditions and customs, just to please the moneymakers???

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