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Eight Low-cost Ways to Bond With Mom This Mother’s Day

April 21st, 2013

Every Mom deserves to enjoy her special day, but what if you don’t have a big gift budget this year? No worries, Mother’s Day is not about the amount of money you spend on your hero and most treasured friend. Plenty of fun Mother’s Day ideas don’t involve dipping into your piggy bank.

Instead, focus on how spending time with Mom doing something memorable will create the perfect day. After all, what your trusted confidant wants most on Mother’s Day is to bond with the ones who gave her the title of Mom.

Get Fresh Air

Surprise Mom with a family hike or bike ride out in the country. For little ones, a bike ride in the neighborhood makes more sense. For a personal and adorable touch, Dad can help tots make signs for their bikes that say, “We Love Our Mommy!”

Treat Mom to Breakfast Theater

After everyone works up a sweat, they’ll be ready for a delicious meal. But Mom deserves more than just a typical overstuffed omelette. Instead, turn her Mother’s Day brunch into a theatrical experience. Funny anecdotes make perfect fodder for a play. Even young children can participate in a skit about the time Dad set off the smoke detector making grilled cheese. Or, put on a show for Mom detailing your favorite things about her. You can poke a little fun at Mom, too. For example, if she is a neat freak, one of the kids can dress up in an apron, sporting props like a broom and a dust pan. Just be nice!

Make Homemade Conversation Starters

To take things down a notch, organize a simple game. Ahead of time, prepare homemade conversation starters using small squares of paper and a pen. Sample questions include the following: “What have you learned from Mom?”; “Which of Mom’s rules do you wish you could change?”; and “Which kid is most like Mom and why?” Put the paper squares in a basket or bowl and pass it around the table. Each family member takes turns answering a question.

Make a Message Dessert

Mom will love a cake featuring a message just for her. Tell Mom you love her, that she’s amazing or that she inspires you. Any words coming from the heart will be the best imaginable end to her Mother’s Day.

Send Mom on a Treasure Hunt

Instead of just handing Mom her gifts, create a treasure hunt with clues pointing her to the bounty. For example, hide a present in the pantry and provide this hint: “The spot Mom has to stock when she hits the grocery store.”

Surprise Mom With a Cocktail Party

After Mom has relaxed, surprise her with a small, intimate cocktail party. Your guests are her Mom friends, aunts, grandmothers and neighbors. Serve small finger foods that are inexpensive and easy to prepare like cookies, cut-up fruit and cheese and crackers. Keep cocktails light; simply offer lemonade or wine. Mom will love chatting with her fellow honored guests and probably won’t be able to stop saying, “Thank you so much for setting this up!” and “What a surprise!”

Do Dinner and a Movie

Prepare a special dinner for Mom, then gather ’round the television to watch old home movies. Of all the Mother’s Day ideas, this one may get Mom the most sentimental.

Present Mom With a Souvenir

Take Polaroids of the Mother’s Day fun. Then, at the end of the festivities, present Mom with a keepsake she will always treasure. Write fun little captions on each photo so she can always look back and laugh.

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