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A Gift to Remember: Personalized Scavenger Hunt

May 6th, 2013

Mom works hard, so when thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift, why not go the extra mile?

By planning a personalized scavenger hunt, you can tailor a gift to be as unique as Mom is – at any price that fits your budget.

All you need are some cleverly written clues, some imagination and the ideas below to give her a Mother’s Day she will be talking about for years to come.

For example, how about a scavenger/adventure hunt centered around a day out for Mom:

Set the Stage

Wake Mom with her favorite breakfast in bed. Place her first clue on the breakfast tray. Explain what she needs to wear and bring on her journey, and once she’s ready to go, provide her with the next clue.

This is something that young children can easily help out with and will set the stage for a relaxing day.

She’s Off!

This stage requires some pre-planning and is where a traditional Mother’s Day gift can come in handy.

Consider pre-purchasing a gift, such as a spa service for Mom to enjoy.

In true scavenger hunt style, provide Mom with the following:

  • A map or GPS with a pre-planned route to the location for her spa day.
  • An envelope containing the details of her pre-booked appointment and instructions not to open it until she arrives at her destination.
  • A second envelope, to open only after her gift service has been completed.

Of course, you could substitute the spa day with a picnic or whatever Mom would love.

Next: Adding an element of surprise to a typical Mother’s Day present will make Mom feel really loved; imagine how she will feel when she discovers her surprise isn’t over yet!

So …

Outdo Yourself

Remember the second envelope Mom is supposed to open after her spa treatment (or whatever you have planned)? This is the opportunity to make an impact!

Give Mom another set of directions and ask her to look inside the glove compartment or console of her vehicle. Inside, she will find a gift certificate to her favorite store.

It doesn’t have to be a large amount but should speak to her interests. Does Mom love reading? A local bookstore would be ideal. Fashion? How about a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store or mall?

By paying attention to her interests, you will give a gift that shows Mom just how much you appreciate her and her needs. Mom will return home at the end of her journey feeling relaxed, joyful and appreciated. But her special day doesn’t end there.

The Icing on the Cake

While Mom is gone, do something special for her at home.

Cut the Workload

Clean the house, do the laundry – anything that will take a load off her plate and allow her to truly enjoy her day.

Make a Special Mother’s Day Meal

Most likely, Mom will be hungry when she returns, so consider preparing a special meal for her based on a specific theme.

Has Mom always wanted to travel? Base your meal on her favorite dream destination or travel memory; it’s sure to be a meal she won’t soon forget.

(If you really wanted to splurge, you could add that trip as part of the Icing on the Cake!)

Celebrate Mom!

Follow up your meal with some scheduled family time or a game night so Mom can bask in the glory of having such an amazing family!

Whatever you decide to do, from sunup to sundown Mom will be treated to the best Mother’s Day possible – and isn’t that what every Mom deserves?

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