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Lots of Fun Ideas at Almost No Cost for Mother’s Day Memories

April 26th, 2015

Make an annual chalk creation with Mom and photo it every year. We hear it over and over, it’s not how much you spend on Mom, it’s the time and effort put into her special day. And we know you want to ensure your Mom enjoys her Mother’s Day.

There are myriad ways of having a fabulous time on a small budget; it may take a little bit of planning but here are some ways to put something together that’s memorable, fun and truly unique. These creative ideas will let you and your Mom do what’s most important – spend quality time together, making memories.

Breakfast and a Game

Of course you are going to treat Mom to a special breakfast. But what about a completely unique breakfast? Do you remember the game Charades? How about turning her Mother’s Day brunch into a great meal and a game of Charades? If you have youngsters they will love to be in on the conspiracy and they can participate in the choices of shows/plays/movies. You can choose the subject ahead of time so the kids can think of ways to get across their topic.

Another popular idea is to prepare homemade conversation starters using small squares of paper and a pen. Questions like: “Which of Mom’s rules do you wish you could change?”; “Which kid is most like Mom and why?”; and “What’s the best meal Mom made for us on week days?” Put the paper squares in a basket or bowl and pass it around the table. Each family member takes turns answering a question.

Put on a Show

Taking the paper squares idea a little further, and if you want to be a bit more adventurous, you could put on a show for Mom detailing your favorite things about her. We suggested this idea a couple of years back and it was a bit hit! Have some laughs poking a little fun at Mom, too. Just be nice!

Bubble Wrap Abstract Painting

Feeling brave? Here is a variation on the hand painting aprons idea. How about a bubble wrap stomp painting? To make sure you dont make a mess, lay out an old sheet (or better yet do this outside on a hard surface), then place a large sheet of paper or a clean white sheet on top of the old sheet, make some bubble wrap “boots”, then dip the boots into kid friendly paint and stomp around the paper or sheet to create a beautifully abstract creative piece of art. Everyone will have a laugh.

Find the Gifts

If the weather is nice where you live, here is another game idea you could do outdoors (or indoors) that the kids will love. How about hiding her gift(s) around the house or the yard and making up clues that will point her toward the presents. For example, hide a present in the washing machine and the hint could be “How my shirts miraculously came out white after soccer practice”. Or in the back yard tree: “Where I used to climb”. You get the idea!

Cookies Individually Messaged

Make your Mom an assortment of sugar cookies, only each cookie is a letter that put together spells “I love you Mom” or “World’s best Mom” or some other special sentiment. Any words coming from the heart will be the best imaginable end to her Mother’s Day.

Get Out and About

Take Mom to the mall if she likes shopping and spend the afternoon wandering around some of her favorite stores. Or surprise Mom with a family hike or stroll. If you all have bikes, and Mom is up for biking, how about a bike ride around the neighborhood? For a personal and special touch, Dad can help the little ones make signs for their bikes that say, “We Love Our Mommy!” If you live near a fruit farm or in the country, take her berry picking. And if you are feeling very creative, bake a pie with the bounty.

Get Creative with Chalk

How about a sidewalk chalk photo shoot? You can do this with the whole family and get creative with the drawings. If you think Mom may not want to participate then perhaps draw your creations and surprise her. You could do this every Mother’s Day and make it a tradition. Then you have a photo series watching the kids and their artistic abilities grow!

Do Dinner and Vacation Pictures and Movies

Prepare a special dinner for Mom, but remember, don’t make the meal too complicated otherwise you will spend all your time in the kitchen rather than being with Mom. As a special treat set up the computer or the TV screen and show home pictures of vacations or movies. When do you ever go back and look at all those great photos of you all on vacation? Of all the Mother’s Day ideas, this one may get Mom the most sentimental.

Present Mom With a Photo Journal Souvenir

Take photos of your Mother’s Day fun with your iPhone, Android or digital camera. Then, at the end of the festivities, upload them onto her computer or email her the photo-journal of the day with fun little captions on each photo so she can always look back and laugh. Present Mom with this keepsake that she will always treasure.

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