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Day Trips for Mom With a Little Planning

April 28th, 2015

Perhaps this is a chance to get Mom out of the house or apartment and doing something she would really like to do for herself.

Birding, Hiking, Beach and a Book, Shopping (and vintage shopping), Wine Tasting: read on – its all here and sources to review.

Enjoy the Birds

Chestnut Bellied Rock Thrush.

Watching birds can be both relaxing and enthralling? If Mom likes birds, bring a some binoculars to a popular birding spot, maybe a lagoon or marshy sanctuary filled with gorgeous and exotic birds. Bird watching destinations often feature avian populations with colorful plumage and distinct patterns that are a thrill to spot.

Whether Mom’s a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, bird watching can be a challenging, exciting and rewarding way to spend Mother’s Day. Plan for outdoor adventure and pack a picnic while you’re at it.

Visit here for the best birding spots

Take a Hike or a Walk

Dad taking a picture of mom hiking in the mountains.

Plan a day long hike that includes a memorable hike. Be sure to consider Mom’s fitness level when choosing from a casual, flat walk to a more rigorous hike.There is something for everyone in almost every region of the country:

  • A hike of 1-4 miles (1.5-6 km.) on relatively flat terrain is considered an easy hike—perfect for busy Moms who don’t have many chances to hit the gym.
  • Between 4 and 7 miles (6-11km.) and you are getting into intermediate territory, with a hike that can last up to 3 hours.
  • But for the fitness guru/Mom who works out on her lunch break, strap on the hiking boots and head for a longer 7+ mile (11+ km.) hike.

Remember to pack plenty of water, and some snacks to keep your energy level up. If you plan to hike for a while, be sure to pack a robust picnic to enjoy at a halfway point along the trail.

For a list of great hikes go here.

Beach and a Book

Sunset on a beach in Barbados.

The reason Jeff Bezos started by focusing on books is there is an endless selection of options to choose from.

If mom likes the feel of physical books and you know one of her favorites maybe you can find an autographed copy on eBay.

Mom may enjoy the latest release by one of her favorite authors or a book she had you read when you were young.

If she likes electronic books you can give her a Kindle filled with many classics from Project Gutenberg.

Pack a lunch and don’t forget the sunscreen. If the beach is a bit of a drive you could stop by an old book store or thift shop along the way, though have a back up in hand in cash she doesn’t find anything she likes there.

Be sure to check the weather in advance!


Some people shop to enjoy luxury. Others may view shopping more like a sport where they hunt deals. Many outlet centers give the best of both worlds, offering branded goods at marked down prices.

If mom collects things maybe you can bring her to a local collectible show or dealer. If none are nearby maybe you can both hunt on eBay and you can show her how to set up automated snipe bidding on eBay using a tool like Gixen.

K11 Art Mall / Museum in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district.

As people spend more time online malls have been forced to reinvent themselves to stay relevant. Hong Kong’s K11 Musea is a shopping mall which also features a variety of art exhibits..

Wine Tasting

Vineyard sunset.

Napa Valley is famous the world over for their wine. They even have a train tasting tour to experience the stunning landscape.

The state of California recommends a dozen different locations across the state – each offering their own local flair.

States like Tennessee have lesser known but fantastic wine trails. Services like Viator make it easy to fine local options, listing over 20,000 wine tasting results globally.

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