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Share Your Story About Your Mom – Thank You For the Stories – Here Are Five Special Memories Our Readers Shared

April 30th, 2015

Do you have a favorite story about Mom?

Updated May 7, 2015 – Thank you Barbara, Charlotte, Laura, Laural and Clark for sharing your touching stories. We really enjoyed reading all the sweet memories submitted. We wish you and everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day.

What son or daughter doesn’t have a story (or two) to tell about growing up with mom?

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’d like to hear those stories! It’s your chance to share your story with others and if your story is chosen, you could show your Mom, because we will share our top 5 picks on our website.

Your Story

Just tell us in 300 words or less your favorite story about Mom – something special, heroic, or just plain sweet, that your mother did for you when you were growing up.

Five stories, chosen by our staff, will be published on our Web site.

Stories will be judged on the basis of their overall appeal, uniqueness and quality of writing. Just post your story on the blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

Entries must be received through our Website by Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

Looking forward to reading your stories.

10 Responses

    Charlotte Says:

    I remember my mom getting a big tea party ready for me when I was little – I think I was around 6 or 7 years old. We had sandwiches, jello, cake, soda and everything. The table was full of food and drinks and so pretty. But being naughty little girls we started rocking the table back and forth because it made the jello jiggle.

    Oh dear, the table was not a very stable one and its legs gave way and all the food and drinks crashed to the floor. My mom was so mad. I was sort of in disgrace for a few days, but it made for good storytelling at school and as a Mom myself now, it has become a rather comical example of what a mischievous kid I was when I was young!

    Its a pretty vivid memory – not sure if it is good or bad, but it certainly taught me a lesson.

    admin Says:

    Thank you Charlotte – that is a wonderful story and certainly must have made quite a noise and a mess when the table fell down :( !!!

    Laura Says:

    I remember my Mom trying to bake chocolate chip cookies for my sister and me for the first time. She really was not the greatest cook and did not quite get the instructions. She beat the batter over and over, so it was really smooth but the problem was that it was so overly beaten that the cookies kinda did not rise and ended up as flat blobs on the baking tray all smudged together! She was devastated!

    We didn’t know any better and just cut the layer of “cookies” into squares and ate away. It was only when we went to a friend’s house a few weeks later and were given the best chocolate chip cookies, that we realized how they should really be!

    Mom eventually figured it out. But the look on her face that first time – I will never forget it!!!

    admin Says:

    Lovely memory – we are glad your Mom learned how to make chocolate cookies though!

    Cark Says:

    My mom had always wanted to go on a cruise and we splurged and bought her an Alaskan cruise last year. We took the kids and we all had a great time. August is the best time to go: the views are spectacular and you can get out and about if you want or just stay on the ship.

    Mom loved it – the views, the birds, the wildlife. Seeing her smiles and breathing that clear, cool Alaskan air will always be a fond memory.


    admin Says:

    That is a lovely story Clark. Thank you for sharing.

    Laura Says:

    I remember Mom would let us watch TV while eating just once a week – on Sunday evenings. Every other night we had to eat at the table which was probably good because we had conversations. But Sunday nights were special. My brothers and sister loved watching anything that was on – it was such a luxury being able to watch the TV while eating. I don think we cared what we were eating we just loved the casual atmosphere of a TV dinner experience.

    Now that I am a Mom we do the same. I know it is important to eat as a family around the table, and what with all the rushing around with sports and things it is difficult to all be together, but Sunday nights are special. We laugh, chat and eat – it feels like something out of the 1960’s but I relish that time with my kids.

    Barbara Phelps Says:

    I remember one year my mom had gotten my 2 sister and myself some jewelry for Christmas and while see was at work we unwrapped it to see what it was and then wrapped it back just like she had it,later in life we told her about it and it hurt her because she was excited to get something we didnt asked for and then we ruined it. Now i feel bad as a mother i would have been hurt also. Sorry mom. Love you for being you.

    admin Says:

    Barbara – that is a touching story. Didn’t we all do something mischievous like that as kids? And I am sure you loved the jewelry she had picked out for you. Thank you for sharing.

    admin Says:

    Laural: LOL – many of us at Mother’s Day Central can relate! We remember doing the same – it was such a treat to watch TV while eating! Great memory – thank you for sharing.

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