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Candy, Sugar, Milk and Chocolate – Adored Through the Ages

May 6th, 2015

While candy has been around hundreds of years, with people using fruits and nuts rolled in sweet honey, the candy we know today can be traced to the middle-ages, when sugar started to be manufactured. However sugar was so expensive that only the rich could afford candy.

Sugar Production

By the mid-1800’s the cost of manufacturing sugar was considerably reduced and as a result candy became popular. There were over 400 factories in the U.S. producing candy as early as the 1850’s!

Candy Derives from the Arabic

The word candy derives from the Arabic “quandi” which means something made with sugar. The nuts, seeds, flowers and fruits rolled in honey are examples of the earliest confectionery made in the Middle East, Egypt, Greece and Italy. Liquorice and even marshmallows were candy, and jam preserves also became a sort of candy.

Medicinal Lineage

Candy was actually used for medicinal purposes first to assist with digestion. If you think of peppermint sticks and cough drops, these are descended from this tradition. The diet in the Middle Ages was not fresh or well-balanced resulting in a strong desire for the therapeutic candies!

Maple Syrup, Almonds and Milk

Maple syrup candy became popular in America along with marzipan which is made from almonds. What catapulted candy into mass popularity was the discovery of milk chocolate in Switzerland in 1875: after that there was no turning back and the American candy bar was born!

Giving Mom the gift of candy and fruit dates back hundreds of years. You can order some wonderful candy here and there is still time to give these wonderful platters to her for Mother’s Day.


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