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The Mother’s Day Central Top 100 Mom Blogs Awards

- Updated May 5th, 2010

Being a Mom is a tough job. But what about being a mom and running a great blog? Now that's really tough!

Mom bloggers help others by describing their trials and tribulations, as well as sharing the joys of being a mother. Which is why we think Blogger Moms deserve a lot of credit.

So in 2007, we created our Top 100 Mom Blog Awards.

Top Mom Blogs Awards


Our 2007 Top 100 Mom Bloggers Awards recognized Moms for all their
hard work - at home and on the Web.

Check out the 2007 Top 100 Mom Blogs list here.

These women and communities of women, in our view, displayed
particular excellence in originality, passion, humor, personality and
creativity. Blog categories included:

We think it's a great resource, not to mention an interesting look back at what was going on in 2007. However ...

Time Flies

As much as we loved putting together our 2007 list, no list of "top anything" could be perfect - for every winner we chose in 2007, we ended up feeling that there was another great blogger who didn't get mentioned. And the number of mom bloggers was growing.

By 2008, Mom Blogging wasn't just big, it was huge. The number of outstanding Mom blogs had risen so dramatically - even in just one year - that we decided trying to identify the Top 100 in 2008 seemed to somehow miss the point.

So in 2008 we discontinued the awards in favor of other creating other fun stuff - contests and giveaways, fun lists, recollections of "motherisms" and other general silliness having to do with Moms and motherhood.

We think it was the right choice ... at least, it was for us.

List of Lists

Some day, we may bring back an updated version of our Mom Blogs list, but if we do, we'll call it something other than "Top." For now, please enjoy our 2007 list, and all the other great stuff on our site.

And if you want to explore other lists of Mom Bloggers, here are some places to start, in no particular order.

We don't think that any of these lists is definitive, but we certainly agree that all of the blogs they feature are outstanding, and deserve attention, so enjoy!:

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