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New Dads: Make Your Wife’s First Mother’s Day Memorable

May 7th, 2013

You’ve started a family; now celebrate it – plan a memorable Mother’s Day for New Mom!

In addition to presenting her with a beautiful bouquet and helping with the little one, here’s how to make the holiday special:

Create A Memorable Gift

Her first Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the birth of your first child. Gifts should focus on keepsakes to remind Mom of her tiny, precious baby.

Photo Keepsakes

Have a framed photo collage made of snapshots taken during the baby’s first few months of life.

Shadowboxes & Scrapbooks

Consider is a shadowbox made with the baby’s hospital ID bracelet, dried flowers from Mom’s hospital stay and the newspaper clipping announcing the birth of your baby.

Or, get organized and take a box of mementos to a professional scrapbooking service. They can arrange several items into a book Mom will treasure forever. Use:

  • photos
  • birth announcements
  • greeting cards
  • footprints
  • handprints
  • birth certificate copies

A Relaxing Day for Your New Mother

In addition to presenting Mom with keepsake gifts, plan a day of relaxing activities.

Cook for Mom

Whether you opt for making breakfast in bed, or a homemade brunch, don’t let her lift a finger in the kitchen. If you’re all thumbs when it comes to cooking, consider packing up the family for a cozy meal at a favorite restaurant.

Family Bonding

Plan an outing as a family to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. If the baby enjoys car rides, meander slowly through a state park. Or, rent a bicycle for two – with a baby seat. The key is spending time together as a family and making memories. Be sure to take several photos of your adventures.

Time for Two

Finally wrap up the Mother’s Day celebration by taking time for yourselves. Parents never get enough alone time, especially while the baby is so young. Have a family member take the little one for a few hours while the two of you enjoy an evening out as a couple.

Couple’s Outing

Spend time concentrating on one another and be thankful for your beautiful family. Celebrate by:

  • Going dancing
  • Catching a movie
  • Sipping coffee at a corner cafe

Focus on making Mom’s outing a welcome departure from her everyday parental duties. Avoid any discussion of changing diapers or how to deal with teething. Celebrate the wonderful woman you love, and make her first Mother’s Day memorable by giving her the gift of time together as a family, and as a couple!

More Ideas for New Moms

Looking for more ideas? Try our main gifts page for New Mothers.

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