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Ten Unique Gifts at Almost No Cost – In Time for Mother’s Day

May 9th, 2015

1. Poems for Mom: Write out a poem for Mom – there are many to choose from here

2. Personalized card: Give Mom a personal card. Download and print here for free

3. Fill up her Tank and Wash her Car: Why not borrow her car and fill up the tank and check the tires, and while you are at it, wash her car, inside and out!

4. Cook Mom a Meal: There are lots of great recipies here for Brunch, dinner and meals the kids can help you make

5. Give Mom a Personalized Coupon: You can print out here and fill in what you want to give: ideas like Breakfast in Bed, Empty the Dishwasher, a Complaint free Hike!

6. Set up a Virtual Reunion: You can set up a family reunion conference. Use Skype or set up a reunion with one of the free services such as Free Conference Call

7. Make Mom a Recipe Book/Binder: Go to a recipe site such as and print out some recipes that you think she can and would like to make and give her a recipe inder (with a nice cover)

8. Give Mom A Custom Made Song: At Custom Made Songs you can download a song, and print out a cover, put it on the CD, print the lyric sheet and you have a lovely gift in no time

9. Make Mom a Playlist for her iPod or iPhone: Mom is probably pretty tired of the same old songs on her device, so why not introduce her to some new music. She will always be thinking of you when she listens

10. Give her an eBook: At virtually no cost (and many are free). Far from The Madding Crowd is a new movie and a great novel – you can download it for just .99c here

There are many more ideas on our last Minute Gift Ideas page – check it out and don’t worry – you still have time to give Mom a really personal and unique gift. Visit our Last Minute Gift Ideas here.


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