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Find Prayers Ideal for Honoring Mom

Mother's Day has historically been a day to honor Moms everywhere.

Traditionally Moms were recognized in Church. Parishioners wore symbolic carnations as a means to honor mothers both living and dead. So it’s natural that prayers would take a central part in any Mother’s Day celebration.

Perhaps you want to include a short inspirational prayer in a Mother’s Day gift card or maybe you’ve decided Mom’s favorite prayer should be read just before Mother’ Day brunch or dinner.

Mom’s Favorite Prayers

Ask family and friends about Mom’s favorite prayers if you don’t already know. She may have her Bible or book of inspirational verse marked with her favorites.

Books of General Inspirational Prayers

If you’ve decided to search out your own prayer to present to Mom then here are some excellent sources:

Religion-Specific Prayer Books

Prayers vary from religion to religion and you might opt to choose those that speak most closely to Mom’s catechism.

Online Prayer Sources

There are many online sources for inspirational prayer and pearls of wisdom suitable for Mom. We’ve corralled a few of the best:

If none of the above appeal to you, consider penning a personal Mother’s Day prayer yourself.







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