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Day Trip Ideas for Mothers Day

It’s Spring and that means it's a great time to get outside!

Mother’s Day is a busy holiday, so the day free of problems by planning your day trip ahead of time. Make reservations if advisable, and map out alternative routes to ensure that your day trip is free from last minute surprises.

Take a look at our list of ideas for day-long getaways on Mother’s Day.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Take them “as is,” or use them as inspiration for planning a customized day trip that’s just right for Mom.

Plan a Shopping Trip

Visit Mom's Fav Shops

Plan a trip to a designer shopping district, a boutique jewelry seller, downtown clothing outlet, the local mall or the trendy part of town. Treat Mom to her choice of fashionable items in clothing, jewelry, bags, purses and perfumes - within a budget of course!

Or, Go Vintage!

As an alternative to traditional shopping venues, vintage clothing stores often feature unique items and fashionable period styles. Even local thrift stores and second-hand shops can offer intriguing items.

Part of the fun to shopping second-hand and vintage stores is the surprise and excitement of that “special find.”

Be sure, however, that a vintage shopping trip is something Mom wants to do. This is really only an option for Moms who take special delight in the vintage or thrift store experience, and actually prefer it to the high-end boutiques.

Wine Tasting

Arrange a complete package for Mother’s Day. Include transportation to and from select wineries, plan which wineries to visit, where to dine afterwards and what to bring for a picnic during the day.

Find the best wineries in your region.

Hiking or Walking Trip

Does Mom enjoy a good hike? Plan a daylong getaway that includes a memorable hike for Mother’s Day. Consider Mom’s fitness level when choosing from casual urban walks or rigorous and challenging wilderness nature hikes. There is something for everyone in almost every region of the country:

Remember to pack plenty of water, and some snacks to keep your energy level up. If you plan to hike for a while, be sure to pack a robust picnic to enjoy at a halfway point along the trail.

Mother's Day at the Beach

Rub in the sunscreen, pitch an umbrella and lay out a beach towel for Mom on the soft, warm sand. Bring a beach ball or Frisbee, buckets and shovels, and boogie boards for the kids and agood beach book for Mom. A delightful day in the sun is the epitome of relaxation for Mom, and a perfect day trip on Mother’s Day.

Bird Watching

Is Mom an avid bird watcher? If so bring a couple pair of binoculars to a popular birding spot, maybe a lagoon or marshy sanctuary filled with gorgeous and exotic birds. Bird watching destinations often feature avian populations with colorful plumage and distinct patterns that are a thrill to spot.

Whether Mom’s a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, bird watching can be a challenging, exciting and rewarding way to spend Mother’s Day. Plan for outdoor adventure and pack a picnic while you’re at it.

Mother's Day Historical Excursion

Perhaps Mom would enjoy discovering the legacy of her hometown or delving into the historical past of a nearby big city. Check out the National Register of Historic Places for the best nearby historic sites. Historical sites are usually outfitted with excellent tourist facilities, guided tours as well as well preserved monuments and buildings.

Take Mom Out To the Ballgame

Does Mom enjoy baseball? If so consider treating her to an afternoon of sunshine, live sports, cold beverages and cheering for her favorite team—all while spending the day alongside her loved ones. Major League or Farm League, make sure it’s Mom’s fav.

For a memorable game experience, reserve stadium box seats. Alternatively, consider renting out a suite and provide Mom with the VIP treatment. With catered meals, full bar, live audio coverage of the game and other exciting perks, this is a special, luxurious and stately way to celebrate Mother’s Day. No matter what tickets you get, Mom will likely not soon forget the experience.

Enjoy an Amusement Park

Maybe Mom loves the roller coaster or the food Midway. A day trip to a nearby amusement park may prove fun for the entire family. But make sure Mom is truly interested. If the kids are old enough to enjoy themselves without substantial supervision, then set them loose upon the park while Mom enjoys some food and a thrilling ride.







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