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Picnic Planning for Mothers Day

Lay out a blanket, unpack the picnic basket and make sure Mom gets the first pick of cold beverages. Create a picnic meal out of the house and make Mom feel truly special. It's also a great way to get everyone out of the house on a beautiful day in May.

Picnic Food

Picnic food is very subjective, but the general idea is to create a meal that is simple and portable as well as interesting and creative. The fewer utensils you have to carry the better, so think finger-food.

Traditional picnic foods include everything from basic peanut butter and jelly to more elaborate sandwiches, rustic breads and gourmet cheeses.

The Perfect Picnic Location

Where does Mom love to go? Does she love the beach or the wilderness? Or does she prefer a busy cosmopolitan park? Choose with her in mind.

Also, consider a day-trip combined with a picnic. Fill up the gas tank and go for a drive. Hit local farmers markets along the way for fresh picnic items, too.

Planning for Weather

Okay, so weather is out of your control. But for a Mother’s Day that turns rainy, don’t ditch the picnic. Turn out the lights, turn off the television and lay out the picnic fixin’s on the living room floor. Have a covered porch? Even better.

The Picnic Basket

Shop for a picnic basket. The ideal solution is a basket specially outfitted for the occasion. Today’s picnic baskets come with plates, napkins and utensils. Some even come with wine glasses.

Eager to customize your own picnic basket? Choose from plates and utensils to blankets and bottle openers.

Picnic Dishes and Silverware

It’s up to you. Do you want to wash dishes when you get home or will you have resources available so you can dispose of paper and plastic?

If your picnic plans take you to a park or beach, you can be fairly sure that there will be a garbage receptacle nearby. This means that you can use disposable plates, bowls and cutlery. The ease of clean up that comes with paper or plastic dishware can save you clean up time once the picnic is over.

If you’re interested in reducing waste as much as possible, then bring food in Tupperware and carry along your own plates, knives and forks. After the picnic, these can be cleaned in a nearby sink or in the kitchen once you get home.

Picnic Blanket

A proper picnic blanket designed to both sit on and lay out your spread should be chosen based on the type of landscape you’ll be visiting. If you plan to sit on grass—unless it is very short and soft—you should bring along a thicker blanket, preferably made from wool. If your destination is a sandy beach, a thinner blanket will do.

Remember that you may be sitting and lying on your impromptu table for quite some time, so softness counts. At the same time, the expensive cashmere blanket may be better left at home—there’s no need to damage expensive cloth with abrasive ground or food and drink spills.

Kids and Picnics: Made for Each Other

Children love to be outdoors and a picnic gives them an excellent chance to play while still remaining in sight of Mom and Dad. Bond with the little ones while watching them use up all their energy with play—the benefits come when you see their tires faced at bed-time.






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