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Take Mom Out for Brunch or Dinner

Treat Mom to a special brunch or dinner. Choose her favorite restaurant or opt for an upscale location with lots of ambience. Win points for advance planning.

Remember, Mother’s Day is ultra-busy. Special dinner and brunch menus draw large crowds. Find out which restaurants offer Mother’s Day meals in your area and make a reservation as much in advance as possible.

Mother's Day Brunch

Planning brunch at a new restaurant? Try checking out the place beforehand.

Since Mother’s Day is in May, a warm sunny patio might be the perfect restaurant ambience. Check the menu and make sure Mom’s favorites as well as some innovative and interesting options are included.

Think about combining a weekend getaway or day trip with the perfect Mother's Day Brunch. Does Mom like the beach or the big city? Check out restaurants in areas you think she'd enjoy dining the most.

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Mother's Day Dinner

Take Mom to a nice restaurant for dinner. Like brunch, shop for a location with an appealing menu and nice atmosphere. Dad, if you’d like to take Mom alone then look for a romantic restaurant or late night bistro. Including the whole family? Make reservations in a more family friendly restaurant and ask the kids to be on their best behavior. Look into City Search, a common online tool to find local restaurants and entertainment.

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Make Brunch or Dinner at Home

If you think this might be a good year to stay in AND cook, we've got some absolutely great Mothers Day recipes, and each recipe has been tested by our staff. Check 'em out here:

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