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Mothers Day Weekend Trips

Thinking of splurging for Mom on Mother’s Day? An exciting weekend getaway will let her know just how much you care for her comfort.

Surprise Mom with a couple days of big city excitement, including an upscale night on the town with a dinner and a show. Or treat her to a relaxing two-day spa weekend, complete with a mud bath, herbal wraps, and an array of massages from which to choose.

It’s easy…just consider Mom’s idea of a good time and plan around that including activities, meals and locations you know she’d enjoy. Here are some ideas for planning your Mom’s fabulous weekend. Remember, too, that you can always make up your own!

Treat Mom to a Resort Spa

Sign Mom up for a relaxing weekend at a top resort spa. After two to three days of facial treatments, exotic mud baths and full body massages, Mom will come home blissfully refreshed.

You can easily shop spas by region, online. Explore the menu of spa amenities and treat Mom to either a few hours or go whole hog with a weekend of pampering.

Big City Getaway

The city is a superb place to entertain Mom on Mother’s Day. From the bright lights to the tall buildings, the extravagant shows to the 4-star dining and luxurious hotels, the city offers an exciting backdrop for a variety of activities from fun to romantic.

During the day, take Mom on a walking tour of the city center. Then spend the afternoon at the fine art museum checking out the latest art installation. Or perhaps treat her to a surprise shopping spree in the trend downtown boutiques.

Does Mom prefer a more eccentric city scene? Head for the bohemian part of town and allow Mom time to enjoy the hip cafes, used bookstores and art galleries.

Whether dining, going to the Opera or checking out a special exhibition, remember that Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of year. So book your reservations well in advance—and remember to look for the many Mother’s Day packages offered on this weekend. In fact many hotels even offer spa packages so you can roll it all into one.

Wine Country Mother’s Day

A weekend wine tour can be a delightful Mother’s Day treat. Delicious red reserves and breathtaking scenery can make wine tasting a truly memorable experience.

Getting from one winery to another is fun. Since it’s common for wineries to be very close to one another, wine tourists often enjoy easy, yet creative ways of cruising among the vineyards. Think about hiring a limo for the day. Or, if you’re up to it, rent a couple bicycles and take Mom on a cycling tour of the Wineries. If you’re mostly interested in the scenery, you can even take an aerial tour in a hot air balloon!

Many wine regions also offer a Wine Train tour between wineries. If this is the case where you are visiting, then it’s worth looking into. Make your train ticket reservations ahead of time and enjoy a couple carefree hours with Mom, sipping the region’s best and admiring the scenery from the observation car.

Then surprise her with a midday picnic overlooking a picturesque vineyard. Enjoy cheese, crackers and a bottle of Syrah or Zinfandel from her favorite estate.

Perfect complements to a Mother’s Day wine tour may include fine dining in a French-style chalet, and lodging in a Bed & Breakfast. But remember, this will be a busy weekend. So be sure to make all your reservations well in advance.

If you’re in or near California, one unique way to tour the Wine Country is aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train taking in beautiful rolling hills and quilted vineyards from the elegant comfort of the Pullman Vista Dome dining car.

Visiting Family for Mother’s Day

Does Mom miss her family or home town? If so you may consider packing the suitcase, and taking Mom to visit family and close friends this Mother’s Day weekend. Show Mom you care about her family and give her the time she needs to spend time with those she loves.

Are kids out of the house and living outside daily reach? This may be the perfect weekend for a visit. Make sure to call ahead. Surprise visits are not recommended especially if it’s going got be someone else’s Mother Day.

When visiting family on Mother’s Day weekend, plan picnics, hikes, playtime with the kids and things to do that are fun and relaxing. Remember to make Mom the first priority. In other words, always keep her interests in mind. For example, make sure she’s not the one taking care of the kids the whole time.

Mom the Outdoor Adventurer

Many Moms really enjoy outdoor adventure. If your Mom is one of this breed, plan a backpacking getaway in the mountains, pitch a tent on the beach, raft on a river or explore a regional desert bursting with springtime wildflowers. A nearby outdoor destination can provide a spectacular backdrop to any Mother’s Day weekend:

Treat Mom to Camping

Fresh air and mountain scenery can provide a relaxing change of pace, perfect for Mother’s Day weekend. If Mom is an outdoors type, she’ll get the message: you really were thinking of her when you planned this special weekend. Hike through the woods and pitch a tent near a quiet, undiscovered lake. Or find a national park by the ocean with camping grounds on a beautiful white sand beach.

A Country Inn or Bed & Breakfast

Quaint, romantic and luxurious, a Bed and Breakfast getaway is a wonderful way to celebrate Mom. Spacious rooms, delicious menus and superb hospitality will set the scene for Mom’s relaxing weekend.

B&Bs are usually located in attractive destinations like the scenic countryside or the big city. So in addition to enjoying the inviting hospitality, you are likely to be within close range of a beach, national park, the wine country, or the excitement of the city.

Some luxury hotels like Langtry Manor are destinations themselves. Langry Manor once belonged to King Edward VII and actress Lillie Langtry, and was recently the subject of a TV reality show called the Hotel Inspector. It was built was as a romantic retreat for Lillie and the Prince of Wales.

Plan a Mother’s Day Weekend Cruise

A weekend cruise can be an adventurous, unusual and relaxing Mother’s Day getaway. Pack a luxurious cruise experience into three days and enjoy fine dining, exotic shows, dance clubs and hours of carefree relaxation, sunbathing, swimming and more.

With a lot of distance to cover and a limited amount of time, the weekend cruise still can include about two to three ports of call. Whether it’s the lush green islands of the Caribbean or a cobblestone port village in Spain, the destinations are exhilarating. Remember to take Monday off work in order to enjoy this 3-day getaway in full.

Take Mom on a Casino Mother’s Day Getaway

In addition to the excitement and fun of roulette wheels and slot machines, casino vacations often provide a superb opportunity to take in live shows, museums, nightclubs, fine dining, delicious buffets and even family-friendly amusement.

Destinations like Las Vegas and Reno are perfect spots for casino vacations. But if these destinations are out of reach for the weekend, it’s often easy to find a casino closer to home. Indian casino resorts provide a weekend full of entertainment including luxury lodging, high stakes casinos, live shows, themed parties and fine dining.

Mom’s Choice Weekend Getaway

If Mom likes to make the decisions, then make it easy for her. Arrange three or four “perfect trips” and let her choose among them. This way she’ll be happy with what she’s chosen, and you’ll know that the weekend is being spent doing what Mom really wants to do.

The trick is to actually plan out each possible trip. Make multiple reservations well in advance (Mother’s Day is extremely busy) and have a comfortable sense of what each trip entails. Remember, the key to this Mother’s Day solution is to be ready for whatever she chooses.






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